Maria Pogrebnyak shared spicy with the rest

Мария Погребняк поделилась пикантным снимком с отдыха Mother of many children demonstrates the incredible openness. The wife of footballer Pavel Pogrebnyak proves that giving birth to three children, you can stay sexy, attractive and appealing thing. Fans of Maria Pogrebnyak called her Dolly and celestial.

      The wife of a famous football player Pavel Pogrebnyak and mother of his three sons, 28-year-old Maria Pogrebnyak is proud of her slim figure and frequently shows to subscribers of his microblog, what great shape she is in. Mother Maria Pogrebnyak flashed his chest

      “Instagram” Maria Pogrebnyak is a true exhibition of luxury pictures of beautiful women in beautiful bodycon dresses with cleavage, mini skirts, tops and other attire that accentuates the sexuality of the mothers of large families.

      These days the star is resting in one of the luxury hotels in the city of Dubai, where she ran away from the chilly autumn Moscow. Maria Pogrebnyak spends a lot of time on the beach, basking in the rays of the generous sun Arab Emirates. And of course, pretty lady uses a break to pose for a camera phone.

      Gorgeous picture in which she reclines in a lounge chair, created a furor among subscribers Mary Pogrebnyak. The player’s wife chose a very good angle. The photo is perfectly visible her endless slender legs, a narrow waist, flat stomach and gorgeous Breasts. Fans of Maria Pogrebnyak found the very hot in all senses.

      “Such a figure can only be nebozhitelnitsa, but not the mom of three children. You simply the ideal of ideals!”, “Nice body”, “Here is a figure, a beautiful tan,” “Oh, Dolly!”, “Oh, that’s hot!”, “And is mother of three children,” the followers admire the incredible blonde.

      Surprisingly, giving birth to the boys every two years, the eldest son of Maria and Pavel Pogrebnyak, Artem nine years, middle-Paul, seven, Junior Alex five years – mother of many children in 28 years has a more toned figure than in 19. The secret of her slim silhouette – daily exercise and a low-calorie food. According to the wife of Pavel Pogrebnyak, she begins each day with a workout in the fitness club.

      “After three births it was hard to put in order the skin and muscles of the abdomen. I, like everyone else, believed that there are supertable for quick weight loss. All lies! Where I just ordered! Spent a lot of money, but the miracle did not happen and will not happen is advertising. Both sports and proper nutrition. We must refuse from flour, sweet, fatty”, — shared the Maria Pogrebnyak.

      For some Mary is the ideal of beauty. So, one of her fans, Alina, were able to lose weight and become into a slender beauty thanks to the advice of a famous designer.