Maria Pogrebnyak saves Anna Kalashnikov from depression

Мария Погребняк спасает Анну Калашникову от депрессии A close friend of the actress stood up for her after being bullied. Anna Kalashnikov accused of “far-fetched” pregnancy. However, Maria Pogrebnyak rushed to side with the friend, which is not easy to survive this period.
Мария Погребняк спасает Анну Калашникову от депрессии

A little over a week ago, a friend of Anna Kalashnikova Maria Pogrebnyak confirmed “StarHit” that the actress lost the baby. However, many netizens do not believe that ex-fiancee of Prokhor Chaliapin is really faced with grief. Some hold the opinion that celebrity “invented” pregnancy for PR. Only close friends Anna know how hard it is for her to accept this stroke of fate. Maria Pogrebnyak rushed to defend a friend from the unpleasant the statements of detractors. Anna Kalashnikova lost the baby

“When she told me, I immediately retuned it to the positive. I said that’s life, everything is ahead, everything will be fine, do not despair. Of course, this is a major blow for any woman. I want Anna to be left alone, supported. I think it’s not normal when people have this reaction – say nasty things, poison. God forbid that anyone to survive,” said Pogrebnyak “StarHit”.

Now close friends is trying to do everything to help Kalashnikova to forget the tragedy. They try not to touch upon a painful theme, and customize it to positive thoughts. Friend invite Anna to lunch, dinner, in order to be less alone. Maria said that all the forces put her in a good mood and talking about her business and future plans.

Also Pogrebnyak is outraged by the statement of Prokhor Chaliapin, who admitted that did not believe in the pregnancy of the former bride. “No woman would do such a thing. All understand something that we say might happen. She wouldn’t dare to dirty PR. Anya fragile girl, it should be supported,” says Maria.

Kalashnikov is trying as quickly as possible to forget about the incident and all time devotes to work. Nevertheless, celebrities can’t cope with feelings.

“She’s very thin, goes sad all the time, in my mind. Sometimes I have the impression that Anya as if not with us – then we try to distract her. She’s still young, she has yet to come. Recently I was invited to the birthday of her son, she has such a wonderful child, whom she loves. Kalashnikov is a man who for all always survive. I believe that it will become easier over time, nothing else will help,” admitted Maria.

Despite the fact that right now the buddies are not affected painful for Kalashnikova topic, Pogrebnyak decided to go with words of support through the “StarHit”.

“Anna, we, your close friends and family, love you very much and support. You are a very bright person, fragile, kind, you need only the strength to endure this grief. You have a son who needs a healthy and happy mom!” – concluded Maria.