Мария Погребняк сама себе делает уколы красоты The wife of a famous footballer, one of the highest paid among our countrymen, has made an unexpected recognition. Mesotherapy of the face, and in other words – beauty shots, Maria Pogrebnyak makes his own.

Mary with Paul Pogrebnjaka for over 12 years. They first met when were still in school, she studied in the 8th, and he in 10th.

In recognition of Mary, at some point in their family had no money, but she always wanted to look good. After the birth of my first son (and only in this sports family is growing three boys) Pogrebnyak scored the extra pounds. The young mother quickly got rid of the recruited, but was special attention paid to their appearance. As Maria admitted in the program “the Stars aligned” (issue of March 18, which saw the inhabitants of Siberia and the Far East. – AVT.), it independently and with the help of the Internet have dyed their hair, doing Facials and body.

Habit to be independent she remained still. Pogrebnyak made a surprise announcement: she’s still often without the help of experts brightens up her long locks. Moreover, itself alkalive face makes biorevitalization – in other words, mesotherapy, or, as they say, “beauty shots”.

“I still dye my hair myself and even make biorevitalisation. I go to salons. But when you need to do a course biorevitalisation and no time for myself. Putting my kids to bed, then smear the face, it freezes and injections,” – said Maria Pogrebnyak.

Revelation wife is now one of the highest paid athletes in the country shocked the guests in the Studio. But Mary does not see anything strange, the wife of a millionaire is generally used to independence and rarely uses the services of third-party workers. She cleans, and prepares herself, and even to the market for food goes. Moreover, the market is bound to trades.

“I’m perfectly capable myself. We Wake up at 7 am, I take the kids to school – all three sons have been students, and time to 5 PM I dedicate myself home. During this time, you can catch a lot. I like to cook. When I was pregnant with my first son, I called grandma and asked how to cook soup. My husband is categorically opposed to someone else cooking,” – said Maria.

A young woman is “working” not only a wife and mother. Maria fashion designer and owner of his own brand MARIA POGREBNYAK-SHATALOVA. As a fashion designer Pogrebnyak debuted in 2013, then hosted its first shows in London and Cannes. And Mary was not only fashion design, but represented her as a model.

Generally, Pogrebnyak really pays much attention to her appearance. She has admitted in an interview that he did plastic surgery. Over time, some of the features of Maria has changed. In addition, Pogrebnyak said that was forced to make a plastic surgery, because she nursed all her children.