Maria Pogrebnyak million spent for the visit to the dentist

Мария Погребняк потратила миллион за визит к стоматологу During dinner the wife of the football player broke a tooth. Maria Pogrebnyak was forced urgently to see a specialist. The designer left the restaurant immediately to the clinic because the pain was unbearable. She took the money in order to restore the perfect smile.
Мария Погребняк потратила миллион за визит к стоматологу

Fans of Maria Pogrebnyak not get tired to admire her perfect appearance. The wife of the famous footballer amazes followers slim figure and attractive facial features. She admits that to achieve effective image helped her with modern medicine. For example, a snow-white smile it is obliged to veneers. Recently, however, Mary was faced with a serious problem – for a family dinner she broke the tooth.

“I love seafood, and that night decided to order a favorite crab phalanges. Began to bite and suddenly in the mouth something snapped. I felt a sharp pain. Came off a piece of the tooth,” said Pogrebnyak “StarHit”.

The pain was so strong that Mary remained nothing how to leave the meal and go in search of a specialist. The designer turned to the friend who helped solve the problem and shared the doctor’s contact. Pogrebnyak hastily left the restaurant to go to the dentist.

“I was very unlucky, as this incident happened in the evening, and most clinics were already closed. Helped one of her friends. She gave me the phone number of his dentist Ruslan Sabanova, who agreed to take me quickly,” admitted the blonde.

Мария Погребняк потратила миллион за визит к стоматологу

In the end, the replacement plates cost Maria Pogrebnyak expensive – she had to pay a million rubles to restore the perfect smile. However, the designer believes that she is very lucky and thanked the doctor. She admitted that it did not intend to sue the restaurant to pay damages, as, in her opinion, the reason for this unpleasant situation lies elsewhere.

“I think it is not in the dish, and properly composite veneers, which I had before. First, they were already old. Secondly, veneers were made from brittle material, so to claim the restaurant, I did not even think. As for Ruslan, it is a wonderful specialist who took me that night, I solved my problems and made me a good discount. Percent 50. So would the teeth would cost me a million in two, not one, because I had to replace everything. So I not only solved the problem but saved. It’s cool,” says Maria.