Maria Pogrebnyak: “I have to walk on high heels for her husband”

Мария Погребняк: «Я вынуждена ходить на шпильках ради мужа» The wife of footballer told about his strict requirements. In a candid interview with “StarHit” Maria Pogrebnyak explained why the chosen one is forcing her to wear high shoes and why they can’t arrange a romantic evening.
Мария Погребняк: «Я вынуждена ходить на шпильках ради мужа»

Now the family of Pavel and Maria Pogrebnyak three sons grow up, and parents are strictly suited to the methods of education. The choice of the player confessed to “StarHit” why more do not trust their children to nannies and drivers. The wife of the athlete discovered the secret to a happy marriage, shared the challenges of growing up heirs, and talked about ways to stay attractive.

We met 28-year-old Masha in trendy capitals Vintage 77. Weekday time later, and Pogrebnyak looks like he just got back from a photo shoot or going for the social event. Mother of many children constantly looked at the clock, explaining that at home waiting for her favorite boys in the morning it will be necessary to drive to school and spouse to work. Recall that in December 2015 the 33-year-old footballer was deprived of the license.

You may find this hard…
Мария Погребняк: «Я вынуждена ходить на шпильках ради мужа»Can’t manage your time, have a husband everywhere, and he has such a schedule… Then let go early, “Mash, take me.” So I became a personal driver.—
How do you balance all concerns?
Мария Погребняк: «Я вынуждена ходить на шпильках ради мужа»Our children 10, 8 and 6 years old, they have school, so the day well planned. At 6:30 we get up, get ready and go to class at 8:30, and they are learning to 17:30. The school is pretty far away – an hour and a half from our house – so I immediately go to work, and then all taken away. Some are amazed and ask me why don’t have a nanny. If I can’t pick up guys or I’ll need somewhere to go, come to the aid of my mother. So everything is possible, only here to eat do not have time.

So, hire the nanny do not even plan?
Мария Погребняк: «Я вынуждена ходить на шпильках ради мужа»I do not understand why it is when there is my mother.—
The kids are already talking about who you want to be?
Мария Погребняк: «Я вынуждена ходить на шпильках ради мужа»Yes. Junior, Alex, loves tennis, four years is, never misses a workout, even crying when the pain starts, and we are not allowed to class. A senior mathematician, all just in studies, he has three awards. He’s been recognized as the best student of the school. The son is strong in math, in English, is constantly on the Olympics goes, he likes it. Football is also doing well, but I see it in other areas – the economy or politics. It should always be done homework, he strives to be the best. Average we engaged in swimming, he is more active, agile.—
Sons, all fluent in English you say?
Мария Погребняк: «Я вынуждена ходить на шпильках ради мужа»Yes, they easily move from Russian into English and Vice versa. On the birthday of one of the sons we even invited his friends from abroad. And all feel comfortable, did not lack in communication.

Still have plans to move abroad?
Мария Погребняк: «Я вынуждена ходить на шпильках ради мужа»I love it here. Before the whole business was overseas – where I was sewing things – and now transferred to Moscow, to the Taganka. So back this I have to carry health would not permit. I want to settle in one place.—
And the husband has no plans to change the type of activity? Maybe to open a business? Still will soon have to think about the end of his sports career…
Мария Погребняк: «Я вынуждена ходить на шпильках ради мужа»Of course! We have so many children that it is time to start to do something. He is already thinking about it, but even two or three years will definitely play. —
As with the romance you have?
Мария Погребняк: «Я вынуждена ходить на шпильках ради мужа»Well, Breakfast in bed, he doesn’t bring to me, but maybe just invite them to a restaurant. I like to give him surprises. I remember a funny incident that happened to us in Yaroslavl. Decided to be nice to him: the whole apartment is showered with rose petals even had to get some people to help me all unusual to make. Cooked a fancy dinner, finding a good recipe online. In short, trying to arrange everything perfectly. We lived on the second floor, and when Pasha arrived, I threw him from the balcony of the keys with the words: “open and go”. It turned out that a bunch fell into the bushes. The yard was night. So, instead of romance and a delicious dinner, we had a two-hour search of the keys in the thorns.

And what gifts are you making Paul?
Мария Погребняк: «Я вынуждена ходить на шпильках ради мужа»Shoes… my Husband gets when I wear studs.—
Probably the Cabinet breaking from a Shoe?
Мария Погребняк: «Я вынуждена ходить на шпильках ради мужа»Yes! The husband can still tolerate running shoes, but these pumps… Pasha seems that it’s not sexy for girls. And the heel of my shoes must be at least 16 inches. When my husband buys me shoes, he measures the height. If less than the agreed time, shoes it takes. It tastes good, he knows my size that love can take even the same model just in different colors.

Pasha was a strict father?
Мария Погребняк: «Я вынуждена ходить на шпильках ради мужа»We have it right, spends a lot of time with the boys, plays, Lisp, and spoilt. But if homework is not done, and the sons with each other, quarreled, that’s all… They sit down and read books is strictly, immediately switch to homework and then go to bed.

You are raising three sons. And daughter would not want to give birth?
Мария Погребняк: «Я вынуждена ходить на шпильках ради мужа»Of course, the girl I want, but it’s hard… Then I have all the kids were little: during the day they slept, then the nursery, kindergarten, all at the same time. And now all adults, everyone has something extra classes, end of lessons at different times… And I just don’t know how to spend time with little child, when I get all these worries. If the night do not sleep, who of the children will take? The driver we don’t trust this mission. I do object to a stranger to give your child. Better myself… —
Now moms use a fashion app on the phone, which keep track of the whereabouts of the children. Do not use similar programs?
Мария Погребняк: «Я вынуждена ходить на шпильках ради мужа»We educate children, explaining to them that the phone and other things they need to accumulate by yourself. Therefore the sons do not have any smartphones. Annoying arrogant kids, I just can’t stand it. So its said, “Want? Earn money for yourself, learn to save money, save”.—
As it turns out?
Мария Погребняк: «Я вынуждена ходить на шпильках ради мужа»A senior that has accumulated on your phone, but due to the fact that there are no games, he’s 10 years old is absolutely not necessary. Can only call me dad, grandma. For other purposes he does not use it.—
How they earn?
If they go away, will not lie to sleep. This is strictly a made bed and other household chores. But if, for example, son, the school was awarded and recognized as the best student, then we can give him 500 or a thousand rubles. If the letter is brought, the Olympics won, we financially encourage. This also applies to fashion apparel. They still what to go. Boys like to play monopoly, chess….