Мария Погребняк прокомментировала анорексию: «Мне нравится, как я выгляжу!»
Footballer’s wife told about his food.

Maria Pogrebnyak

Photo: @Instagram mariapoga_ Maria Pogrebnyak

Maria Pogrebnyak is one of the most frequently discussed wives domestic players. And it’s not in it any merit. She regularly provokes rumors online about her anorexia. Recently, its appearance was discussed even in the foreign press. The wife of an athlete looks like in some photos is exhausted, although she says he feels well and does not feel overly thin.

Recently she has addressed the fans, who once again “raised the alarm” about the health problems Mary. “In the comments to my photos constantly raises this question. Someone like, someone was there. There are those who I was even called anorexic and worried as I have not broken my thin legs. I want to answer all at once. I like how I look, I feel comfortable and harmonious. I’m not torturing myself with some terrible diets and do not faint, finding extra millimeters at the waist. In my life just there is a healthy balance of fitness and properly organized power!” — said Maria.

Pogrebnyak says that he supports the harmony not hunger, and eating healthy food. Your day starts with oatmeal on the water. Prefer to eat vegetables or fruit. In the afternoon eat protein foods: fish or chicken with salad. And for dinner Pogrebnyak usually seafood. Mayonnaise, Maria does not drink, but the sweetness can sometimes afford.