Мария Погребняк попалась на афере с розыгрышами призов
Olga Buzova, Ksenia Borodina, Maria Pogrebnyak and dozens of popular integrame people regularly become participants in the various Raffles among subscribers.Scam.

Мария Погребняк попалась на афере с розыгрышами призов

It has been written many times and the essence of all that is happening is to sell bloggers subscribers, and for that, this way, potential members are promised valuable prizes, including luxury cars.

Up to this time for the competitions, complained by bloggers who have less subscribers. So recently there’s been increased chatter around Olga Buzova, and some media have predicted her prison sentence to 6 years.

Мария Погребняк попалась на афере с розыгрышами призов

But, yesterday, as I write paparazzi.PY, the organizers complained Maria Pogrebnyak, which was to act as a “locomotive” one of the drawings.
Under the agreement, Mary was to “sell” 20,000 of its subscribers by posting a few posts about the contest.
Maria is reasonable to assume that you will not be able to guarantee this amount, but the organizers reassured her, saying that solve the problem. Pogrebnyak has calmed down, but was asking for the IPhones, which were the prizes to her when she personally gave them to the winners.

As a result, in boxes, which she solemnly handed over, turned ordinary batteries.

– Shame me in front of my dear subscribers that I met personally, just to make them happy. I — mother of many children, I know what it’s like when you’re waiting for a gift,” said Pogrebnyak and went for help to Kate Gordon.

So now Kate zaymetsya this case, and at the same time she promised to see the situation of Olga Buzova. And if there is not presented the promised Mercedes, the organizers can expect punishment. Oh, and if presented, it may limited to the refund of bloggers, who acted as the sponsors who did not get their subscribers.