Maria Pogrebnyak cannot come to terms with the death of a loved one

Мария Погребняк не может смириться со смертью близкого человека The player’s wife celebrated the first anniversary of the death of his grandmother. An elderly woman presented Pogrebnyak with important lessons not just useful in the life of the celebrity. When Mary remembers a cousin, she feels pain and emptiness.

      Maria Pogrebnyak rarely shares with fans personal feelings. Recently, however, the woman made an exception and told about the pain that she cannot leave here for a long time. Pogrebnyak misses one of the most loved ones – his grandmother. The wife of a famous football player also advised subscribers to value family and to give them more attention.

      “Exactly a year ago, became one of the most dear people to me, my grandmother… to Say it hurts, still, that there is nothing to say! The pain still does not subside. The pain she is, she’s not gonna calm down never, Yes, it subsides, but it is very often to be reminded of myself… Now many began to speak about the pain, especially when fighting lovers. I can tell you that all is vanity, foolishness and will never compare with the loss of loved ones! Appreciate, love and constantly tell your loved and dear people! After all, once call the phone and you will hear: “His(her) up…” And that’s when you’ll know what real pain is…” – told Maria in Instagram.

      Pogrebnyak also said that it means the care of a loved one. Cousin Mary gave her many valuable lessons. A year after the death of an elderly woman Pogrebnyak feels a tremendous longing for her. “From childhood I was raised by my grandmother, because mom and dad worked a lot, it was she who instilled in me a love and faith in the Lord God, that grandma taught me to help and compassion for one’s neighbor, to help the weak! From my grandmother I learned kindness and tenderness, caress and love! She gave me tips on how to grow a real girl, not a Tomboy, taught the rules of etiquette, manners. Today again the bitterness eats from within and emptiness overcomes… Rest in peace, grandma d, my love, remember and mourn,” wrote Maria.

      Fans Pogrebnyak told her to hold on to. “Condolences”, “To tears. The Kingdom of heaven to all our grandparents who are no longer with us,” “How I understand you…”, “This is a huge loss for everyone”, “I Have the same feelings. Two years ago he left my grandmother a month before my second birth. I still can not forgive himself that he was not at the funeral, I was not allowed”, “Only good memories about our loved ones helps us” “Eternal peace,” wrote the followers of a footballer’s wife.