Maria Pogrebnyak came to the defense of hunters for the oligarchs

Мария Погребняк встала на защиту охотниц за олигархами The player’s wife did not understand why the community condemns these girls. According to a gorgeous blonde, you need to put a lot of effort to make smart and wealthy man will pay attention.

The wife of footballer Pavel Pogrebnyak Maria is a frequent guest of the TV show, which discuss the lives of other famous beauties of the capital’s Beau Monde. According to the designer, now the public has a negative attitude to the ladies searching for a wealthy suitor. As it sees a striking blonde, a few years ago, many women do not even hide the fact that “hunt” for oligarchs.

“A separate item I put class escorts and prostitution, which we do suspect any more or less beautiful woman. Ten years ago, without exception, all the glossy magazines and TV projects sang a very interesting profession – the so-called hunters for the oligarchs. From Masha Malinovskaya, Ulyana Tseytlina readers learned that in the pursuit of a Prince should have Breakfast and spend the whole day certainly in “Balchug” to wear all the best tonight in SohoRooms or “Veranda u Dachi”, and to absolutely surely someone catch, should go to the business forum. Note, then all these ladies seriously glosses over this case and did not hesitate in his work,” shared Pogrebnyak.

Star claims that wishing to marry a successful man need to visit places where often the oligarchs. For example, on various major forums usually have a lot of bored men who do not mind to chat with a beautiful girl and impress her with his intelligence.

“In breaks during the coffee break business miss sandwich and will be happy to explain to the pretty blonde some clever idea one of the speakers,” – said at the time, one of the legends of the ruble, the famous hunter and socialite. So why are the objects of admiration and envy for ten years, turned into objects of scorn? And what exactly are we censured these ladies?” said Maria in an interview with “”.

We will remind, earlier Pogrebnyak was defending girlfriend, Anna Kalashnikov, who recently lost a child. Netizens accused the singer that she invented pregnancy. The designer helped friend overcome depression. Besides, the woman was outraged by the words of Prokhor Chaliapin, who admitted that did not believe in the pregnancy the ex-bride. According to Pogrebnyak, no woman is not a PR would be in an interesting position. Maria Pogrebnyak saves Anna Kalashnikov from depression