Maria Pogrebnyak came in the GUM with a bag of the old woman

Мария Погребняк пришла в ГУМ с сумкой старушки

The star boasted to fans of his new acquisition and business truck.

Maria Pogrebnyak surprised fans a very strange purchase. Always elegant and luxury star went shopping with her friend with an unusual accessory in his hand, hardly anyone will dare to call stylish.

Luxury grey fur coat and ankle boots from Christian Louboutin Mary have added a huge truck and tartan fabric on large plastic wheels. Example of a star followed her friend who chose the same accessory in a purple hue. Photo caption reads: “With my beauty stopped by the Cartier with the right bags”.

Meanwhile, these bags are not uncommon and not a new trend. Such models have long been used by elderly Europeans, when you go shopping. However, their carts seem much more restrained than Pogrebnyak.

By the way, the star didn’t hide where it got this “beauty”: the price of this bag varies from 6 to 8 thousand rubles. But we’re not sure what this strange thing is to spend even a thousand rubles.

Do you like bag Maria Pogrebnyak?

  • Yes! Very!
  • Nothing worse ever seen!
  • I think with other clothing, this bag would have looked more harmonious.