Maria Pogrebnyak believes that its rigidly framed

Мария Погребняк считает, что ее жестко подставили
Recently, Maria Pogrebnyak, wife of the famous football player and mother of many children, has informed that became a victim of hackers.

Мария Погребняк считает, что ее жестко подставили

Some time ago the Network spread a statement, which is attributed to Mary, the girls of easy virtue.

“Ten years ago, without exception, all the glossy magazines and TV projects sang a very interesting profession – the so-called hunters for the oligarchs. From Masha Malinovskaya, Ulyana Tseytlina readers learned that in the pursuit of a Prince should have Breakfast and spend the whole day certainly in “Balchug” to wear all the best tonight in SohoRooms or “Veranda u Dachi”, and to absolutely surely someone catch, should go to the business forum. Note, then all these ladies seriously glosses over this case and did not hesitate in his work. So why are the objects of admiration and envy for ten years, turned into objects of scorn? And what exactly are we censured these ladies?” – an employee of one of the publications said that these words were spoken by Maria.

But the woman claims that I never spoke or gave interviews on the subject.

“I was framed, I did not say that. I basically gave no interview to speak on such topics feel wrong because you know nothing about the girls of this circle, replied the wife of an athlete. – I can neither defend nor attack them. Moreover, I never read the books and anyone’s advice on how to attract the attention of wealthy suitors. I’m not interested”.

Recall that Mary is married to a footballer for eleven years, and they met in high school.

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