Maria Petrovskaya: “the House-2″ has prevented my personal life”

Мария Петровская: «Дом-2» помешал моей личной жизни» The girl is considered to be one of the brightest representatives of the first popular reality show. For the project she came in June 2004 and immediately gained a reputation as a kind and sincere girl.
Мария Петровская: «Дом-2» помешал моей личной жизни»

For the heart of Peter’s fought several guys: May Abrikosov, Denis Kochetkov, Mikhail Karasev… But despite the abundance of fans, to make love under the cameras Masha and could not. “Probably, it is necessary to search the perimeter!” said the girl to herself in February 2005, he left the famous telestroke.

After leaving Peter completely out of sight of fans. The Internet is just rumors that she works as a consultant in the salon of mobile communication and a long happy marriage. “StarHit” sought out the ex-contestant of the show. In a candid interview with Peter told me who made her cry, why she was betrayed by a friend and she’s praying about.

Mary, you can hardly see in social networking sites. Just hashtag #Mariateresa to my Instagram. Apparently, you become a businesswoman?
Мария Петровская: «Дом-2» помешал моей личной жизни»Yes, a few months ago opened her own beauty salon. When I first picked up the Hairdryer and comb immediately ran thought: “How I lived without this before?” Later he graduated from the training of the stylist. Hairdressing brings me great pleasure every day I run to work. Even if heels. Sometimes I joke that I’m a Stalker. But it’s really true! —
It was hard to start a business?
Мария Петровская: «Дом-2» помешал моей личной жизни»I used to test. After leaving the project immediately moved to the capital, I got a flat. But I didn’t know anyone, money not in your pocket, and the sleep completely forgotten. Had to take any job just to feed themselves. Yes, do not hide that worked and a consultant at your salon. But it’s an experience!
Мария Петровская: «Дом-2» помешал моей личной жизни»
Surely popularity is not helped?
Мария Петровская: «Дом-2» помешал моей личной жизни»She interrupted me – in my personal life. When first acquainted with men and they said they knew I immediately broke off all ties. It seemed to me that boys want to date me because of my fame. But there were advantages. Once came in the store bags for a long time could not choose which to buy. Watching: SHOPGIRL at me askance, and then abruptly runs up and says: “Mary, I recognize you. You are my favorite contestant. Take any accessory completely free of charge!”. And so several times. —
It turns out, you know?
Мария Петровская: «Дом-2» помешал моей личной жизни»Yes, but less frequently. Walking on the street, and to you unknown man comes with words: “somewhere I saw you… You would not happen to the “House-2″?” Surprised that I remained in people memory, very nice. Never refuse to take a picture with them or sign an autograph.—
Now you are watching project?
Мария Петровская: «Дом-2» помешал моей личной жизни»I prior have not watched it, and then even more!—
Invite to come back?
Мария Петровская: «Дом-2» помешал моей личной жизни»Call the organizers, but I don’t agree. Yes, I need them, but they are not me.
Мария Петровская: «Дом-2» помешал моей личной жизни»
With someone supporting the communication of the former members?
Мария Петровская: «Дом-2» помешал моей личной жизни»Rare. Sometimes we communicate with Roma Tretyakov, Sun, brothers Karimov… the Talk is simple: “hi, how are you?” Or just see the latest news of each other. We, as fledglings from one nest scattered in different directions. Now everyone has their own life. But I sincerely rejoice in the victories of guys. Really admire Olga Buzova. She from the very beginning of the project were the prerequisites to become a star. In vain her people condemn and criticize: she is very wise girl. Well done, that takes no hateful comments and is committed to his goal. Olya, only forward!—
In an interview with your partners on the perimeter said that you don’t have enough ball busting in nature. After a time, there was this hell?
Мария Петровская: «Дом-2» помешал моей личной жизни»I hope so. But just know: sometimes I Wake up in the selfish. —
Masha, you’re looking good. Surely never asked for help to plastic surgeons?
Мария Петровская: «Дом-2» помешал моей личной жизни»For good figure and the skin I am grateful to nature and genes. Sometimes, looking at the results of some operations, but don’t want to go under the knife doctors.

After leaving the project do you ever struggle with betrayal?
Мария Петровская: «Дом-2» помешал моей личной жизни»Rather with disappointment. When I make friends, I always trust people. But some of my friends did not know how to appreciate it. The more successful I became, the more gossip appeared behind my back. Someone even tried to assert themselves at my expense. Didn’t believe that people can do this to me: to betray, to slander… But all secret sometime becomes obvious. Came face to face with the deception, had to cut out of my life for extra people. —
The project participant Denis Kochetov gave you Labrador. You named the dog Moby. How is she feeling?
Мария Петровская: «Дом-2» помешал моей личной жизни»Moby lives in my parents ‘ house. The dog is old, is hard of hearing. But in the shower – a young, trying, along with the other dogs to run and frolic outside.
Мария Петровская: «Дом-2» помешал моей личной жизни»
How is your relationship with your family?
Мария Петровская: «Дом-2» помешал моей личной жизни»Very well, all our family live in Taganrog. To mom and dad at any time to seek advice. For example, the other day they advised me that I was talking less with strangers. To my brother, Yegor, too, can go to share the sore. He has a wonderful wife Olga, we were immediately adopted into their family, no bad habits and very kind. Most often, family members call up on the phone. Of course, I would like to see, but they don’t want to move to the capital: in Taganrog, all business. —
You have the same brother has no children…
Мария Петровская: «Дом-2» помешал моей личной жизни»Yes, but I really want. A boy and a girl, but two. We with Egor constantly attacking parents the question: “When will we pananim granddaughter?” But until God sent…I Hope all ahead. Of course I want next to me to see the man she loved and healthy family.
Your heart is taken?
Мария Петровская: «Дом-2» помешал моей личной жизни»Don’t want to reveal secrets, but with my personal life, I have had no problems. —
You’re not dyed from brunette to blonde for a man?
Мария Петровская: «Дом-2» помешал моей личной жизни»No, of course! Just always felt that at heart I’m a blonde to the tips of the hair. One day I decided: “Why she did not become?” Now if somewhere something does not work, hair color – my salvation!
Мария Петровская: «Дом-2» помешал моей личной жизни»
And the members of the opposite sex hard to achieve your location?
Мария Петровская: «Дом-2» помешал моей личной жизни»Not at all. But I don’t like stupid men. The main thing that he was kind, caring, responsive, consistent. Last – not a reproach. If I see the potential in the fan, then prepared to build a relationship, even if his salary is below my. Nice to see next to a man who has a purpose. And passive man, why marry … —
Can you summarize the past year?
In 2017, my dream came true – I opened a successful salon, he became a master, which can get pretty hard. Valued customers who have trusted me and now to you my services constantly. Do not look far, but hopefully soon my house will be heard children’s screams. Of unrealized plans don’t want to talk. Sure, in 2018, their time will come!

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