Maria Odoevtseva told about the death of the former wife of the chosen one

Мария Адоевцева рассказала о смерти бывшей супруги избранника Stepdaughter calls the star of “House-2” mother. Ex-participant reality show immediately found a common language with the girl. Maria Odoevtseva said that the mother of her daughter’s current husband died.

The former participant of the TV project “House-2” almost two years ago announced the divorce with Sergei Odoevtseva, the father of her daughter Lisa. They were considered one of the strongest pairs of the project, but eventually the couple separated. Speaking about the reasons of breakup, Marija told that Sergey has ceased to understand her. “For me, marriage is a Union of souls. But when such a connection is terminated, the collapsing family,” she said in an interview with “StarHit”.

Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Maria Odoevtseva: “my Husband left me spiritually»

But the young woman managed to regain happiness. She met Michael and immediately felt that this man close to her in spirit. In addition, he is also raised one daughter, who is only a year older than Lisa Odoevtseva. First, they spent a lot of time together, and then began to live under the same roof. This summer the couple were married. The children immediately adopted a new mom and dad. Moreover, the daughter of the current wife Mary lost her mother a few years ago.

“We immediately realized that we have much in common: both were married, are the parents of the girls. Varya’s mother, ex-wife of the beloved, is in heaven…the First months we Michael constantly corresponded, could midnight to share messages, often walked. Then I realized – apparently, our meeting was not accidental. Closer to the New year began to live together, and on Christmas night Mike proposed to me. Lisa immediately began to call him dad, and Cooking me mom, the girls barely had any issues. Recently we officially became husband and wife. I’m really happy,” said Maria.

Maria open man and often shares his thoughts, sorrowful and joyful, in social networks. She told their followers about the new chosen one almost as soon as understand that you are ready to live with this man. She shared details. For example, star telestroke told that girls Cooking and Lisa became friends right away. “Lisa they’re the same age and thick as thieves like always it was. I hope it will be! Always!”- happy Maria.

But about the ex-husband, Sergey Odoevtseva, Maria now says reluctantly, though without malice. “After the birth of Lisa’s I realized that Sergei was not suitable for family life, a different path. When a child comes along, people become more responsible, but it did not work… Now Sergey does not ring, not interested in her daughter, for child support, I also have not given”, – she told