Maria Odoevtseva published very personal shots

Мария Адоевцева обнародовала очень личные кадры The star of “House-2” is sitting in front of wonderful memories. In mid-July Odoevtseva Maria got married with her lover Michael. She is happy that fate brought her to the man of my dreams, so I did not keep the joy and shared it with fans.
Мария Адоевцева обнародовала очень личные кадры

The star of the reality show “Dom-2” Maria Odoevtseva after divorce with your spouse find true love. The woman happy I have met someone who understands her completely.

In mid-July, Maria and Michael went to the Church where were married. Nevertheless the woman continues to savor the moment when they are chosen, exchanged vows of love and fidelity. She recently received the video from the big day and shared the footage with fans.

“That’s our wedding incredibly touching movie. It’s the moment of a lifetime, there is everything: love and tears of joy, expectation and blessings of the great mystery. Everything is clear to everyone, without further ADO,” wrote Odoevtseva in the social network.

Star famous telestroke pleasure in reviewing the film, which was made at the ceremony. She did not have enough words to convey all the feelings experienced during a wedding ceremony.

Fans love to see the video published Odoevtseva. They came to the conclusion that the movie was very touching and was able to convey the mood of the bride and groom. They are happy for the newfound family.

“What you done! Right, wedding is the most important thing! I’m also definitely going to get married, it’s important to me. And I don’t even know what you want. You have and love and happiness. Is that still kids. God bless you”, “Better than all the newfangled weddings! The video is so full of love! Be happy, Masha!”, “It would seem of a piece, and how many senses soaked in tears. Good luck to you! It you already have, may God give you strengthen all existing and increase of life,” wrote a follower.

Spouse Maria Michael also has a daughter. Woman is glad that the girls were able to make friends and now spend a lot of time together. Recently the successor of the stars of the reality show will be four years. Odoevtseva can’t believe that kid grew up so fast. Maria Odoevtseva hinted at a second pregnancy

“It seems like only yesterday still in the carriage ride and the first steps have learned. And now the head is sitting and scratching that used to give to our grown-up girl. They grow up so fast. Childhood it is fleeting, if only it was happy and memorable. But most importantly, she already has is a loving family and sister,” shared her thoughts Maria.