Мария Адоевцева официально подтвердила вторую беременность
Last summer a former member of popular reality show “Dom-2” Maria Odoevtseva held a wedding ceremony with her lover Michael.

Мария Адоевцева официально подтвердила вторую беременность

Recently, the Network began to actively discuss the possible pregnancy of Mary. And recently, she has officially confirmed its an interesting position, leaving the post on the personal page in the social network.

Мария Адоевцева официально подтвердила вторую беременность

“Well, what else to add, today’s picture of the life for itself all said? Give up and share good news. I’m the mother! Me settled man, the fruit of love and hope, which yet no more nor less, and 17 weeks, but we all of our family loved him dearly and counting the days waiting! And how do I with you this secret not to share if you’ve had congratulated, even when “empty” was (but the whole year you have suspicion go?) And this happy and growing with each passing day to hide was all the more difficult, and why not already. It still would, sooner or later you would come with me in the long-awaited new stage of life, full of expectation, excitement and all sorts of natural maternal joys. Now I ask your prayers for the interesting Maria! Thank you for the congratulations and for always being so good to us…” the woman said.

It is worth noting that Mary has a daughter Lisa, from a previous marriage with another ex-participant of the project Sergey Odoevtseva.

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