Maria Odoevtseva is going to leave his family

Мария Адоевцева собирается оставить семью A woman worries about the upcoming separation. Ex-member of telestroke Maria Odoevtseva told subscribers that plans for a week away from home. Fans of beauty calmed her and wished a happy journey.

The star of the reality show “Dom-2” Maria Odoevtseva happily remarried and has two daughters: Barbara and Lisa. Celebrity is willing to share the details of family life with the followers of the microblog. She tells them about the success of the baby and the relationship with deputies Michael. So, the woman posted the post in which you admitted that soon she’ll break up with her expensive people.

“Have to go away for a week, circumstance separates family. So, seven days, the girl left without a mom, but with dad. The mind is not put, how it will be, and how to survive so long without all. I high for two days was leaving. And then the week. Comforting is a sensible idea that children need to relax from parents and Vice versa. A change of scenery – a good thing. But I’m such a mother, like a baby, rapidly pining and asking to go back. And a house is not a home without laughter, and loneliness is not nice without your favorite. Oh, that’s a kind of strange! It’s easier to think that all is for the best!” – Mary wrote in Instagram.

Fans of celebrities hastened to comfort her, assuring that separation will be very short and inconspicuous. They asked darling not to worry but, on the contrary, gain in the drive forces and new experiences. In addition, many of them shared their experience of short-term separation from the heirs.

“Masha, get out of the bad thoughts! Everything will be okay!” “Soon it will return to the princesses and the beloved!”, “Of course, don’t worry! You have won a reliable husband! Better than any women can handle babies”, “I Read your post and recognize myself! When the child’s grandmother to take, his mind starts to go! You can’t do this!” commented followers Odoevtseva her post.

By the way, the star is not used for a long time to be separated from their children. The woman constantly talks about the fact that almost all his spare time in the company of her daughters. In recognition of Maria, she cannot imagine their existence without these girls. Recall that Lisa’s child from his first marriage celebs, and Barbara is an heiress to a new lover beauty. Judging by microblog star children have already become best friends. Maria Odoevtseva found a new family