Maria Odoevtseva ceased to hide the face of the new chosen one

Мария Адоевцева перестала скрывать лицо нового избранника The star of “House-2” has shared a family snapshot. The followers were happy to finally see the chosen one’s Odoevtseva closer. Beloved and their daughters look very happy.

      Six months ago, ex-member of popular telestroke Maria Odoevtseva gave an exclusive interview with “StarHit”, where he told me why no longer living with her husband Sergei. According to the young mom, husband distanced himself from it internally, than believing the woman was unable to accept. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Maria Odoevtseva: “my Husband left me spiritually”

      After a while in Instagram stars are increasingly began to appear pictures not only of her daughter Lisa, but of another girl – the barbarians. And later Mary published and a few shots with the young man. Subscribers for a long time wondered who is near their favorite and asked to see it closer. Apparently, seeing numerous reports, Odoevtseva set the frame, made by the beloved in the mirror of the Elevator. Michael’s face is closed not completely, which allows considering its features.

      On the last post Mary shows how a woman cherishes the second half. She confesses to fans that have not felt so loved and happy, and often shared personal feelings and details of fun with Michael. Also Odoevtseva doted heiress men and glad that little girl quickly found a common language.

      “The second girl, which many have already noticed the photo name is Varvara Mikhailovna. She’s our wonderful sunpuddle. Lisa they are the same age and thick as thieves like always it was. I hope it will be! Always! So get used to it, now I have two little girls. And yet behind the scenes is a part of us was dad. Was, is and believe that he is anywhere from us will not escape! Mike, thank you for everything! Now I know what it’s like to love and to be beloved. You are my fortress! You’re “the same”. And how nice that you’re mine!” – wrote in the microblog star “House-2”.

      After touching confessions, the woman stressed that it is not ready to share personal details and wants to simply enjoy the idyll of the family. But at the request of the followers periodically talks about raising Ruffed and Lisa.

      “My larks get up around seven in the morning and run to Wake up my mother. Slowly stand up, do exercises, wash up, change clothes with each their bed, then braid the braids together and put handkerchiefs to make the reading of the morning prayers. While I read aloud a rule, girls her angelic whisper echoed behind me and leaf through children’s prayer books, books about saints, the gospel for children. I actually have a lot of colorful spiritual literature, and very glad that girls are drawn to such exemplary books,” shared Maria.