Марию Политову отправили в последний путь
Some time ago it became known about death of ex-participants of the popular TV show “Dom-2” by Maria Natalia Politov, the loss of which was reported in the beginning of the month.

Марию Политову отправили в последний путь

On the same day the girl’s funeral in the Church and buried. Information about the date of the funeral not to tell anyone, the relatives of the girl still don’t want to talk to anyone.

“It was not suicide. She froze, an accident. So her funeral was held in the Church at the morgue, – said Natalia Politov friend. – Masha’s mother cried a lot, everything could not help it. During the farewell, the body was closed at the shoulders… God, this is hard!”

There have been opinions that the girl decided to commit suicide, as he disappeared from the apartment and antidepressants. The blood Mary was found to have a large dose of pills.

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