Maria Mironova won aerophobia

Мария Миронова победила аэрофобию
The actress spoke about how to get rid of your fears.

Maria Mironova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Maria Mironova, which for many years
travelled only by train, got rid of fear of flying. In
an exclusive interview with the magazine “7 Days”
the actress told how she was able to overcome aerophobia.

“For a long time, flew only in cases of extreme
necessary, — says Maria. — There were a couple of unpleasant situations in the plane.
Last — when the pilots were able to sit only with the fourth attempt and with
quite low altitude. My friends and I flew to Corfu. There is a German regular
airline, and it was great. And back were some strange
Charter… I don’t want to scare people and describe everything, but it was horrible. With me
flew Pavel Kaplevich (theater artist. — Approx. ed.) and his son Maxie.
Beside them sat an old woman. And when finally we landed, she threw up
directly into Mexico. All the passengers were white. And holding hands, because
I thought: this is the end. Then I stayed away from airplanes. To
fortunately, I got over it and now I can go somewhere far away, the sea Became…
right santisima. Bright sun for me — the battery.

If you want the answer to the question, how do I
got rid of aerophobia, then now
a minute of advertising, I should after the interview to contact the advertising Department
this company. (Laughs.) In General, fly Emirates. Just kidding, of course,
I’m doing this absolutely free. But I’m grateful to them, they have saved me from
fear. I was behind it and flew to Dubai — it was necessary to overcome yourself, because
this phobia has become my way. I sat in a two-story ship and
felt like the plane took off. Of course, it’s not just as
airline. It just coincided with one important discovery that I
‘ve done in my life. After all, as psychologists explain aerophobia? It is the fear of loss
control. On the plane, you can’t change anything, you sit strapped in, and
you somewhere in the sky sharashit at insane speed…”

Friends Mironova laughed at her and
wonder why she can’t relax.

“They said, “When you fly, such
the feeling that you are like Atlas, on his shoulders the aircraft hold, and if
relax, it will fall”… — says Maria. And I don’t even understand how this
can relax? But now I know: it is pointless to try to keep
control. Nothing depends on us completely. We recently talked about this with
Director Nicky Lebedev when flying to Chita at the festival. Came to the conclusion,
that sense of control is completely false. We think that we are something
control, and actually — no. Not up to you nor the hour of your joining
this world, nor the hours of grooming. Total control is only a hindrance”.

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