Мария Миронова рассказала об отношении к Марии Голубкиной
The actress said in the Studio of Boris Korchevnikov.

“How much would you role-played what in life I have achieved, I do not believe that this brings happiness. Happiness is an internal condition which does not depend on anything…

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Maria Mironov was named the main test in life
the loss of loved ones. About this popular actress spoke in the Studio
Boris Korchevnikov “the Destiny of man”.

Her famous father, Andrei Mironov became ill during a performance on
tour in Riga. Then an ambulance arrived on call, extra
hospitalized artist. The first wife of the actor Ekaterina Gradova and mother Mary
remembers that her daughter accompanied his father to the hospital, no one
dropping into the car. Alas, the efforts of doctors failed, and on August 16, 1987
people’s artist did not.

“For me, the death of the person is the
terrible. When the person just leaves the family, it is, in my opinion, nothing.
My son Andrew his dad alive. Even though we divorced, but support will not
happened,” — said Mironov.

Masha said that talks with her first husband, and not
regrets early marriage. She took the divorce of their parents. Moreover,
Mary was never jealous of father a daughter with his new wife Larisa Golubkina
Mary, whom he had adopted.

According to Mironova, she always had a wonderful attitude
to Maria Golubkina and did not consider her opponent. “In childhood we are so little
spoke, I don’t remember any jealousy. Masha Golubkina I love and think of her
loved one”.