Maria Mironova saved favorite

Мария Миронова спасла любимого
The actress spoke about the difficult filming in the new project.

Мария Миронова спасла любимого

Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Pavel Derevyanko during the filming suffered many unpleasant hours to simulate weightlessness they hung on to special ropes

Photo: Michael Tarasov

“Love is such an incredible force that is able to return to Earth spacecraft — says Maria Mironova. — Say, during the war prayer wives guarded and rescued soldiers. And my character in the film “Salyut-7. The story of a feat” is something like…” the plot of the new film directed by Klim Shipenko — real events: in 1985, after a technical failure of the space station “Salyut-7” has passed in uncontrollable flight. And cosmonauts Vladimir Dzhanibekov and Viktor Savinykh, risked his life to do the impossible: set my ship “Soyuz T-13” to a frenzied the spin station and manually docked to it.

Мария Миронова спасла любимого

Maria Mironova plays the wife of an astronaut Fedorov (Vladimir Vdovichenkov)

Photo: Michael Tarasov

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  • Мария Миронова спасла любимого
    Maria Mironova

  • Мария Миронова спасла любимого
    Vladimir Vdovichenkov

  • Мария Миронова спасла любимого
    Oksana Fandera

  • Мария Миронова спасла любимого
    Pavel Derevyanko

  • Мария Миронова спасла любимого
    Igor Ugolnikov


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Мария Миронова спасла любимого

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