Мария Миронова не намерена нянчить внуков The actress understands that may soon become a grandmother. However, Maria Mironova is not going all the time to devote to the children of a son. However, the star is happy with the girl who’s Dating Andrew.

      Мария Миронова не намерена нянчить внуков

      Famous actress Maria Mironova married with a son Andrew, whom she bore from her first husband Igor Udalova. The young man decided to follow in the footsteps of his mother and also became an actor. However, this realization came to him not once – initially, he wanted to be a Director, but then still understand what it is your soul. Moreover, before his eyes was a successful example of his mother. The actress does not hide the pride in his son. She was glad he found myself in the acting business, and that met a girl Xenia, with which builds a relationship for four years. Maria does not exclude that in the near future she may become a grandmother, but not going all the time with children of a son.

      “With my grandchildren I will certainly not sit will, I have already warned everyone,” said Mironov added that does not exclude the opportunity to become a mother again.

      The actress is happy with the choice of his son and considers Xenia a beautiful girl, which completely suits her heir. “Ksenia is a talented girl. And I’m so glad that Andrew was in good hands. If you recall, what was the attack of the girls in my son! – said Maria. – In the second class he brought a backpack full of Valentines. I thought it would be forty years before”.

      Despite the fact that now Andrew was quite serious and responsible, during adolescence he made mom pretty nervous. Mary even had to abandon filming in order to control the son.

      “I could go home and about a militia. Turns out my son had so much fun in your birthday, threw the bag with water directly on the windshield of the car of chief OVD “Arbat”. And six policemen standing and looking in our Windows,” – says Mironov.

      Now the actress recalls with a smile leprosy teenager. She was proud of the fact that he is well studied and grasped everything literally on the fly. Also do not forget about physical activity. “The sport I was taught from childhood. Myself all my life to do: four times a week and go to the gym, even if there are no forces. Two hours with the coach. I love sport, this is life to me. When Andrew was very young, I told him: “Now we press to swing”. He went, I told him on the legs sat: “Come on,” – said Mironov in an interview with “OK”.

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