Maria meadow decided on a risky experiment

Мария Луговая решилась на рискованный эксперимент
The actress said that she was afraid of the reaction of the fans.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Maria Lugovoi said that for the filming of the series “Our happy tomorrow,” which was successfully held on NTV, it had to go through extreme trials.

“I can admit: we decided on a risky experiment and I was worried how the audience will accept it, — says Maria. — At the beginning of the show my character for 16 years, and in the end — 45. We could go this route: take every new age artist that he really fits. But we took a chance and showed age-related changes are more subtle. This is evident in the gait: it becomes my character heavier, but also more confident, the voice — it appears hoarseness. Wonderful make-up artists set me up with different hairstyles, worked wrinkle: because in 30 years they are smaller, 40 — deeper…”.

Meadow admits that she didn’t scare me a 45-year-old in the mirror.

“Age has nothing to do with it! — smiling actress. — When I was looking at a picture of mom in the early 90’s, I discovered that now it looks better! Then she had a Horny glasses, modest clothing styles 90 odd years (we was little he could afford). And now she is a beauty! By the way, the mother of shooting this film very much. Because they occurred in St. Petersburg and we were able to see each other 5-6 times a month, which is usually not the case. So age-related changes, as life changes, don’t scare me. I’m a fatalist, believing in destiny. Rather, in the fact that an angel leads a person through life. My angel I from Peter to Moscow brought, and my mom at the time — from the Great Bow to Peter…”

Full interview with Maria meadow here.