Maria Mashkova ignores friends

Мария Машкова игнорирует друзей The actress admitted that he did not respond to calls. In recognition of Maria Mashkova, the transmission at such moments she fears to spoil the mood familiar. The famous father of the actress and he may not pick up the phone, when he was trying to get close.
Мария Машкова игнорирует друзей

32-year-old Maria, daughter of people’s artist of Russia Vladimir Mashkov. A young woman woke up famous after the success of the TV series “Not born beautiful”. Now the heiress of a famous actor plays in the theater and continues to act in various projects. Maria rarely gives interviews, but she recently made an exception and agreed to communicate to journalists with a famous father.

During the conversation with reporters, the actress confessed that her family is quite unusual. Mary used to the fact that the father, being a very busy man with minutely mapped out schedule, is not always connected. “Not the fact that the father will take it. Happy birthday may not greet or mix a month,” shared a young woman. Over time, confessed the actress, she has become more aware parent. So, Maria and myself do not always return calls friends.

“I am also in some moments can not pick up the phone. When he never answered my calls, I couldn’t understand it and it’s a shame. Now, if challenging shooting, I just can’t force something good to tell callers. Don’t answer just for the sake of people not received for all that I have today did not come!” – shared the actress.
Мария Машкова игнорирует друзей

According to Maria, once she even did not congratulate his father on the anniversary, because she was on night shift.

“And now I come to your trailer and the phone – six missed calls from “the secret room”. I know that if the number is classified, it is likely dad. I call, he says: “What’s happening? I the President sends his congratulations, and where are you?” – shared the actress.

Vladimir Mashkov confirms that he really unobtrusive father. Being a very tactful man, the man tries not to interfere in the Affairs of his daughter. So, when Mary was admitted to the Shchukin school, the star tried to dissuade her from a career as an actress. Mashkov says that not opposed the desire of the successor to follow in his footsteps, as it believes the profession of artist vocation.

Maria also admitted to reporters that afraid of her father. When the artist for the first time got married, she didn’t told the parent about an important event. Vladimir learned about the wedding only the day before. The actress says that she feared about the reaction of a loved one.

By the way, one of the heiresses charming actress broke down in tears, seeing grandpa for the first time. The same is once made and Mary. In childhood, the celebrity heiress was scared of Vladimir Mashkov with a beard, writes the edition “7 days”.