Мария Машкова резко постарела Popular actress changed drastically for the sake of work. The picture Maria Mashkova captured in a new image, caused heated discussions in social networks. Not all understood that pictures of the star of the series “Light from the world”.
Мария Машкова резко постарела

33-year-old Maria Mashkov starred in the project “Masha from Russia” Director Alexander Slobodyanika. Partner of the actress was the star of the movie “Arrhythmia” Irina Gorbachev. Artist have been working together and got great pleasure, live in Raleigh. According to many, Maria, and Irina – a wonderful Duo.

Recently on the project’s page in social networks has been dramatically aged Mashkovoi. The actress is very difficult to find on the frame.

“Well, nothing!… All going!.. And Yes, this is Masha, and it’s makeup,” shared celebrity colleagues in social networks.
Мария Машкова резко постарела

Photo Mashkovoi in an unexpected way provoked discussion on Instagram. According to fans, make-up artists have worked on glory. “Class! Machine eyes – no one will confuse”, “Recalled the woman from “Brazil”, which “pulled” the face”, “Super”, “Very cool. Look at the picture for half an hour. Eye-catching”, “Goosebumps”, “Awesome”, commented on the Network.

It is known that the shooting of the pilot episode began CA. The specialists working at the site, was able to quickly find a common language. “How cool to work in the company of friends. Right not work but a hobby. In General, on the ground there was a feeling that we all came to the camp of the filmmakers. Where we quickly have to shoot something cool-cool. And all scary, but all in the same boat!” – wrote the members of a cohesive team in social networks.

Note that Maria Mashkova – demand actress. Star “be Not born beautiful” is shot in Russia and abroad. Maria played one of the roles in the British-American TV series “Mcmafia”, telling about the everyday life of Russian criminal authorities. The resonance project has also been involved Maria Shukshina, Alexey Serebryakov, Elena Lyadova, Danila Kozlovsky, Lidiya Fedoseeva-Shukshina and Kirill Pirogov. In General, critics very favorably received drama.

In addition, Mashkovoi got the main role in a Comedy series “Light the light”, which premiered in January of this year. In the story the character of Mary becomes a mage-core energetics with Svetozarova, trying to cash in on costly medical intervention. A month later, published on the Internet pilot project “Lapsi”, is designed specifically for spectators of one of the online cinema.

Meanwhile, Maria’s father Vladimir Mashkov assumed the position of artistic Director of the theater Tabakov. In one interview, the actress admitted that not often communicate with the parent and other loved ones because of the huge employment.