У Марии Максаковой умер отец In the suburbs died the father of Maria Maksakova. On the death of Peter Igenbergs the singer announced on his page in the social network. Father Opera actress died after recently suffering a stroke. Apparently, Maria does not come to say goodbye to dad.
У Марии Максаковой умер отец

Opera singer Maria Maksakova, a former Deputy of the State Duma, lost his father. Peter Igenbergs died at the age of 80 years in the suburbs. About the artist announced on his page in the social network. Maria posted a link to a video, which included a photo with a father from her personal archive, the soundtrack to the microfilm was the song in her performance of “Oh Hai, upon the Danube” in the Ukrainian language. Maria shared touching pictures, among them footage from her wedding with Denis by Voronenkova, and rare black-and-white mid-90s with marriage ceremony of her parents, and husband, father and a younger newborn son Ivan.

У Марии Максаковой умер отец
У Марии Максаковой умер отец

Maria did not have time to say goodbye to dad. In 2016 Maria Maksakova with her husband, also a former MP and businessman Denis by Voronenkova moved to Kiev. Less than a year ago, on March 23, 2017, Boronenkov died tragically – he was killed in the city centre. As the mother of the famous Opera singer, legendary actress Lyudmila Maksakova reacted sharply to the incident, stating that the Council of the death of a son-in-law, Maria stopped to chat with her. But the relationship with his father been regularly called up, invited to itself.

Peter Igenbergs broke a stroke on New year’s eve, according to media reports, the man was completely paralyzed. Then the news of his daughter Mary did not react.

Maria Maksakova does not communicate with his father after a stroke

According to some, Maksakova not been to Russia since, as he lives in Kiev. And, apparently, did not have time to say goodbye to dad. Now, it is unknown whether to spend his last journey.

Peter Igenbergs originally from Latvia, former Professor of physical and mathematical Sciences. In 1974, he worked in Moscow, where he met his future wife Lyudmila Maksakova. Daughter Mary was suggested by a couple in 1977 and was their only child.