Maria Maksakova was surprised by a great view of the “Eurovision”

Мария Максакова удивила отличным видом на "Евровидении"
After the killing of ex-MP Denis Voronenkov, Opera singer Maria Maksakova tried to avoid public appearances.

Мария Максакова удивила отличным видом на "Евровидении"

But recently the singer visited the semifinal of the international song contest “Eurovision” together with a friend, Artur Gasparyan.

“Mary strong! A unique woman that any blows of fate takes and openly…” – said Gasparyan.

Maria supported the contestant Kristian Kostov from Bulgaria.

“I know he’s a Muscovite, what else is on the child’s “Voice” as a mentor it was Dima Bilan, and in this continuation of a career this young man has a kind of symbolic sign of fate, given the kind of role in the life of the Bilan played “Eurovision”, – said Maksakova.

Note that the singer looked much thinner, she wore a stylish black dress that she really went.

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