Maria Maksakova touched by the scenes of grown-up son

Мария Максакова умилила кадром повзрослевшего сына Opera diva took part in a photo shoot in nature. Together with Maria Maksakova was posing her lovely heir to Ivan, who in the spring was a year old. Fans of the singer found that she could get away with bright colors and heavy ornaments.
Мария Максакова умилила кадром повзрослевшего сына

With the onset of summer Opera diva Maria Maksakova participated in a bright photo shoot, held in a beautiful ethnographic complex, where tourists used to come. The photographs, which appeared on the page of the singer in social media, she poses in costume in a folk style. The image of the performer completes the wreath of flowers.

On one of the frames that triggered the discussion on the Internet, along with the artist captured her adorable son Ivan. In the opinion of the followers of Mary, the boy looks very like his father. “So pretty”, “Grow big and happy,” “What are you wonderful, Warm photo”, “beautiful child – a little Prince from a fairy tale”, “Super, all nice and organically”, “Angel”, “Copy daddy” – discussed by fans of the performer.

Мария Максакова умилила кадром повзрослевшего сына

According to those who follow the work of Maria Maksakova, her face bright colors and big earrings, which she complements your image. “You will go,” “Good,” – wrote the fans of the actress. One of podeschi singer also found that she has a strong character. “Maria is not broke, have experienced grief and became even more beautiful! And God grant her forces for the further happy life!” – said the same.

Previously, the widow of the former Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Boronenkov visited during social events. Maria Maksakova called for the opening of the exhibition “Fragile state” in one of the galleries of Kiev. The singer appeared in public with a friend, the art critic Konstantin Doroshenko. Many have found that the singer chose an unusual and edgy.

Thinner Maria Maksakova decided on a bold transformation

We also add that charming Ivan was born in April last year. The baby was long-awaited child for Maria Maksakova and Denis Boronenkov. The boy was born with a growth of 56 cm and a weight of 3650 kg. “a Real hero” – shared the actress.

A few months before the completion of the family in an interview with “StarHit” Maria noted that her children from a previous relationship with impatience waited for the appearance of the baby. “Ilyusha, and People have long dreamed of a brother. Son said: “Mom, you could make use of modern medicine. Do UZI, maybe you got a kid and you don’t know,” said the artist. The singer also admitted that he is sincerely happy to become a mother for the third time and thankful for it to God. “And the more I do not have,” added the celebrity.

Мария Максакова умилила кадром повзрослевшего сына