Maria Maksakova took a ride on the subway in a daring mini

Мария Максакова прокатилась на метро в дерзком мини The singer amazed fans in a powerful way. Maria Maksakova again gives concerts. Recently, the singer told fans about their everyday lives. As it turned out, the star takes public transport.
Мария Максакова прокатилась на метро в дерзком мини

After Maria Maksakova changed her image, she regularly gets a large amount of compliments. Fans believe that the singer is a short haircut. The actress returned to concert activities, and regularly shares in social media videos and photos taken during the performances.

Recently, Maria has informed that prepares for the next appearance on stage. In order not to lose precious minutes, the singer decided to use public transport. Star descended into the subway. “Run to rehearsal!” – shared the actress. In the photos, which appeared on page Maksakova on Facebook, she is depicted in the down jacket dark colors and mini. Celebrity complements your look long bottomtime on the heel.

Мария Максакова прокатилась на метро в дерзком мини

Fans of Mary found that she looks great. “Wow, this is a healthy way of life”, “This style of clothing will disarm any enemy, Bravo!”, “Good luck and inspiration”, “Super”, “would have encountered in the subway to enjoy”, “Cool, my eyes are burning”, “Thanks for smiling”, “some people are lucky to see such beauty in the subway,” “Well, just a bomb”, “Life in the rhythm presto”, “God Forbid such a mood always and everywhere,” discussed in the Network.

Responding to comments from followers, the singer wrote that he remained incognito in the subway. Mary approached passengers who are familiar with its operations. The actress has repeatedly said that it very warmly received by the locals.

Recall that in early October the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine announced the results of the investigation of the death of the husband of Maria Maksakova Denis Boronenkov. Former state Duma Deputy, was shot and killed in late March in the center of Kiev near the hotel “Premier Palace”. Killer Boronenkov died in hospital on the operating table. After the death of her husband artist was prosecuted.

According to the Ukrainian law-enforcement officials, the customer of a crime is a former civilian spouse Maksakova, Vladimir Tyurin. The man himself, which brings older children, Mary, 13-year-old Elijah and 9-year-old Lyudmila – denies the accusations.

The ex-spouse Maksakova answered with murder

At the same time, the Opera singer, argues that while not able to pick heirs from a previous relationship. According to Maksakova, at the moment, she concentrated on her youngest son Ivan. As soon as the singer will have the opportunity, she will be reunited with Ilya and Lyudmila.