Maria Maksakova talking about the most fatal mistake in the life

Мария Максакова заговорила о самой роковой ошибке в жизни The singer told about a civil marriage with the former criminal authority Vladimir Tyurin, who is the father of her older children. In addition, the artist commented on the version of journalists that he allegedly ordered the murder of Denis Boronenkov.
Мария Максакова заговорила о самой роковой ошибке в жизни

Opera diva Maria Maksakova recently gave an interview to ZIK, which talked about life in Kiev after the tragic death of her husband, ex-Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Boronenkov. During the conversation with the host of Natalia vlashchenko, the singer commented on his civil marriage with Vladimir Tyurin, which is widely known in criminal circles. According to recent reports, a few years ago a man walked away from illegal activities.

Thinner Maria Maksakova was surprised hair like a boy

The Studio program has sounded the version of journalists that the murder was allegedly ordered Boronenkov Tyurin. “Do you think that this man played a fatal role in your life?” asked vlashchenko Maksakova.

“He certainly played it. I don’t think he was the customer of any such things, but the fact that it was a fatal error in my life, and the fact that Denis I “washed” it’s obvious… His past was not on the surface, until the persecutions began… He began to take care of me and made a huge effort to win me over. At the time I was that age, I might have been more or less successful in Opera, but still I wasn’t singing as it should have been to do the career you would like. And the age was such that already thought about to give birth to, and relationships with parents was very difficult, especially with my mom… I rushed, and very poorly. That was my big mistake. I stumbled, trying to get away from there,” shared the star.

As noted by Maria Maksakova, she was grateful to spouse for everything. “He gave me absolute happiness… I am grateful for every day. Because that’s what kind of person I was before, and what became of him is two different people… I will stand, even if they want to kill me, they will have to kill me too standing. He lived like a king and died like a king. I was always annoyed when they say he “died”. He did not die, he was perfectly healthy, smart, beautiful, witty people,” – said the artist.

Maria Maksakova shared her pain after her husband’s death

Maria also told about his attitude to criticism of others, especially by representatives of the highest society, who began to discuss the situation, which turned out to be a star. “It’s a reality show, dancing on the bones, began in advance…” she said. The singer believes that her behavior is ruining stereotype. In addition, the artist added that she wants to speak, but, for security reasons, the performer is not allowed to give concerts.