Maria Maksakova spoke about the situation of child abandonment and his father’s funeral

Мария Максакова высказалась о ситуации с отказом от детей и похоронах отца The singer commented on the rumors. She described the story to her father and said Hayter. Journalists were able to clarify why the discussion that the star has decided not to communicate with his son Ilya and daughter Luda.
Мария Максакова высказалась о ситуации с отказом от детей и похоронах отца

Maria Maksakova lost my father in January of this year. For a long time the woman tried not to tell the tragic news to the public. Peter Andreas Igenbergs died in Jurmala. The singer was not able to go to say goodbye to a relative. Lately the man has been sick.

In the new issue vloga on YouTube Mary answered the critics, and spoke in detail about what happened with his father.

“My dad being in rehab, died there. But the family did not want there came the journalists, and asked to be cremated, so it all came out in the press, I have to go to meet them,” explained Maria Maksakova.
Мария Максакова высказалась о ситуации с отказом от детей и похоронах отца

Besides, the Opera singer said that he was in a bad situation during a recent interview. Maksakova said about the deception of journalists from Russia, who made exclusive from the conversation of the artist with Ukrainian media. The report also shows footage of Maria Maksakova allegedly signed a waiver of education of the older sons and daughters. She later commented to one of the publications. It turned out that the document was the agreement on the determination of residence of minor children.

Мария Максакова высказалась о ситуации с отказом от детей и похоронах отца“When Denis left for the Ukraine, he (Vladimir Tyurin) by force took away the son of Ilia from the Suvorov military school. Though the son liked to study there. He (Turin) took Elijah prior to the murder of Dennis. Quite possibly, he was already planning the elimination of my husband. Took the child from the school, and then, arguing that two criminal cases which he may have to go to the detention center, I have begged me to write that I agree with the fact that the children live temporarily with his father. Allegedly children he can take, he will sit in jail, and the children will be given guardians. I never gave up parental rights to their children! All of these statements journalists – sheer nonsense. It was a document about the determination of residence of children. I wrote that you don’t mind that the children will temporarily live with his father. Moreover, I signed the paper unilaterally. My signature certified by a notary. But still, this contract is null and void, has no legal force because there is no signature of the father of my older children. Children grow up, will come down and make the right choice – to live with me,” shared Maria.

Maria fully clarified the situation with the funeral of his father. He wanted to be buried in Munich. “They buried him today. The farewell was held in his homeland in Germany. Today I was there. Only my mom to the funeral,” said Maksakova “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Maksakova compared deceased father and Voronenkova

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the singer managed to recover the relationship with her mother, Lyudmila Maksakova. After the murder Boronenkov Maria had an argument with a relative who’s allegedly unflattering expressed in the address-in-law. Now resentment between mother and daughter in the past.