Maria Maksakova spoke about the humiliation in the family home

Мария Максакова заговорила об унижениях в родительском доме The singer remembered an unpleasant episode in the life of. Maria Maksakova once again tried to explain why she has a difficult relationship with her mother, a famous actress Lyudmila Maksakova. “In the incomplete eighteen years I closed the doors of this house, and that was it,” said singer.
Мария Максакова заговорила об унижениях в родительском доме

About the conflict between two talented women, artists, mothers and daughters Lyudmila Maksakova Maria Maksakova and fans learned in March of this year. Mother and daughter, who were not very friendly, completely stopped communicating for more than two months ago. Singer Maria Maksakova ignores the actress Lyudmila Maksakova after the media quoted harsh words react on the lost-in-law Denis Boronenkov. Lyudmila Maksakova regret the words about the death of son-in-law

But as it turns out, Maria Maksakova many years living with resentment in your heart. As said the singer in interview to TV channel ZIK, which was then quoted in the program “Russian sensations” on NTV, during adolescence she had to endure a real humiliation in the parental home. The relationship of Mary with her mother has never been simple. The girl rarely saw a parent. “In three months I was brought from Munich in the suburban village of Snegiri, where I spent six years. In fact, I met my mom when he came from the country, and before that I used to confuse her with other Actresses,” – said Maria Maksakova.

At the age of eleven Mary began to live together with her mother, but their relationship that only deteriorated.

Мария Максакова заговорила об унижениях в родительском доме“I use cosmetics, my mother hated it – remember Maria Maksakova. Once I was dressed she took the dirty sponge, washing-up liquid, foul-smelling, and she tried to wash off. I endured this humiliation, but I remember about it until now. I realized that this woman I have to continue to communicate as she would with me or applied. But in the incomplete eighteen years I closed the door of this house and try not to remember”.

However, despite the hurt, Maria Maksakova was named in honor of my mother, his only daughter, born in a civil marriage with Vladimir Tyurin. Lucy Turina and her older brother Elijah and my dad in Moscow, in the house on Rublevsky highway. The boy is studying at the Suvorov military school. Father spoils the girl. The program showed the story, filmed in the house. even on the eve of the New year. Lucy opened the closet and bragged about how much her fancy dresses, given to her by dad. She has outfits that mom gave.

Мария Максакова заговорила об унижениях в родительском доме

Happy Lucy talking with his co-star grandmother, claiming that it is very similar to Lyudmila Maksakova. “The characters we have just one to one,” said Lucy. This girl calls grandma by name – Lyudmila. “Because she respects me,” said Lyudmila Maksakova.