Maria Maksakova showed grown-up son

Мария Максакова показала повзрослевшего сына The singer celebrated the Day of protection of children, posting a photo the adorable Vani, who recently turned one year. Maria Maksakova also noted that he could not come to terms with the loss of the beloved wife of Denis Boronenkov. Fans of the actress wished her courage and patience.
Мария Максакова показала повзрослевшего сына

Yesterday all over the world celebrated the international day of protection of children. On this occasion, many users of social networks posted pictures of the younger generation and congratulated him on his holiday. Among those who decided to publish a picture of your child turned out to be Opera diva Maria Maksakova. The singer doted on the charming van, which came to light in April last year. The boy’s father, a former Deputy of the state Duma Denis Voronenkov, who tragically died in late March in the center of Kiev. At the moment the widow of a political figure is on the territory of Ukraine.

Maria Maksakova addressed to deceased husband

In the picture, which appeared on the page of Mary in one of the social networks, her son posing in embroidery.

“I never cease to wonder how it was possible to take away from joeís dad…” said Maksakova in its publication.
Мария Максакова показала повзрослевшего сына

Subscribers singer sympathized with her loss and was advised to hold on to. They also wished him to grow up healthy, to the delight of his famous mother. “Wonderful baby”, “Wonderful”, “Beautiful”, “Let his face Shine a smile”, “What a nice boy”, “Good”, “God Bless you”, “Charming”, “wish you Strength and patience”, “Intelligent eyes,” wrote in the comments to the publication of the singer.

Earlier, Maria Maksakova gave an interview in which he expressed gratitude to the deceased spouse for the short time that they spent together. Wedding Maksakova and Boronenkov took place in March of 2015, and a few years later a man was shot in the center of Kiev. “He gave me absolute happiness. I thank him every day… He lived like a king and died like a king. I was always annoyed when they say he “died”. He did not die, he was perfectly healthy, smart, beautiful, witty man”,” – said the singer.

During the conversation with journalists Maksakova also called “error” of your civil marriage with Vladimir Tyurin, which at one time was widely known in criminal circles. According to recent reports, a few years ago a man walked away from illegal activities.

Maria Maksakova talking about the most fatal mistake in the life

Add that Denis Boronenkov had Ukrainian roots. Family man residing in the Kherson region. Childhood Boronenkov, as he said in one interview that took place in this region.