Мария Максакова ограничивает общение с детьми из-за бывшего мужа The singer spoke about ex-boyfriend Vladimir Tyurin. Living with him now the senior heirs of Maria Maksakova Ilya and Lyudmila. According to the artist, their satisfied with this, although she has extremely tense relations with the businessman.
Мария Максакова ограничивает общение с детьми из-за бывшего мужа

Opera diva Maria Maksakova, who lost her husband Denis Boronenkov, is now on the territory of Ukraine. Many people are suprised at how women experiencing severe loss, it is so much forces and energy. Recently the artist announced that it intends to open a charitable Fund for assistance to talented children. According to the singer, it was created in memory of her husband.

Maria recently gave a Frank interview to journalists in which he spoke not only about the initiative, but also about how her life has changed after the tragic event. The actress admits that the death of her husband greatly influenced her. “There, near “Premier Palace”, shot half of me,” shared Maria Maksakova, adding that she is indifferent to the opinions of other people. Some of them still condemn the act of the singer who left her husband and left the older children in Russia.

Мария Максакова ограничивает общение с детьми из-за бывшего мужа

The heirs Maksakova from civil marriage with businessman Vladimir Tyurin – 12-year-old Elijah and eight-year-old Lyudmila – now live with his father. The singer has a difficult relationship with a former lover. Connection with him the artist calls “a big mistake”. However, children like to spend time with the other parent, and Maksakova believes that the need to make their choice.

Maria Maksakova talking about the most fatal mistake in the life

“Tell me, please, that the first 12 years of these kids hung solely on me. I did absolutely everything, developing their existing and non-existent talents. (…) But, in the end, if they now live with their biological father 12 years – it is a problem to condemn me? So let her stay, if it happened. They have this mutual. They like. If I don’t want to communicate with their father, respectively, dairou communication with children. What do we do now?” – shared the singer.
Мария Максакова ограничивает общение с детьми из-за бывшего мужа

During the conversation with the singer of journalists also raised the issue of her tense relations with her mother Lyudmila Maksakova. Recall that the well-known actress spoke out about the death of Denis Boronenkov. “Well, thank you, Lord, what about him?” she said. This phrase instantly spread around the Internet, causing mixed reactions from users of social networks.

Opera singer says that she’s forgiven Lyudmila Vasilyevna, but does not communicate with the parent. “Why does she have no compassion?” – with these words Maria turned to the reporters. She gave to understand that it does not intend to discuss this question, although “finds justification for it”.

Lyudmila Maksakova regret the words about the death of son-in-law

Мария Максакова ограничивает общение с детьми из-за бывшего мужа“Let’s just say I know why, I just don’t want to talk about it. The question in its environment and that it is the environment inspires”, – said the artist.
Мария Максакова ограничивает общение с детьми из-за бывшего мужа

Maksakova openly admitted that she had “to hold the line of demarcation” within the family. The singer says that in the near future will not see any parents or older children. I should add that, for security reasons, the performer is forbidden to leave the territory of Ukraine, so she had to postpone the plans for live performances. “That’s life”, she said.

However, the singer is not giving up and actively working on a charitable Foundation. The actress, who got rid of the gorgeous curls and like started a new life, revealed that it helps faith in God. During the conversation with journalists Maksakova explained why he decided on a sudden transformation.

Мария Максакова ограничивает общение с детьми из-за бывшего мужа“I realized that to spend time on a hairstyle in my new Ukrainian life is not possible. Earlier, in Russia, my image was a little artificial. Constantly curled hair went all the time as a lap dog. (…) Now prefer a more natural look,” – said the star.

At the end of the conversation with journalists Maksakova admitted that he considers the tragic death of her husband heavy a vital blow. The performer was very difficult to cope with the pain after the loss of a spouse. “I don’t know that such feelings do people have experienced. It’s just not normal. When I pulled it out – it really is me someone is punished”, – quotes celebrity edition of “Facts and comments”.