Мария Максакова получает угрозы от бывшего мужа Opera singer continues to clash with the ex-spouse Vladimir Tyurin. Myself and the children from his first marriage Maria Maksakova considers hostages of the situation. According to the artist, Tyurin addresses her very mixed messages.
Мария Максакова получает угрозы от бывшего мужа

Recently, the national police of Ukraine has sent to Interpol documents for an order to declare the international wanted list the former civil husband of Maria Maksakova, Vladimir Turina. According to investigators, the businessman is ordering the murder of Denis Boronenkov. The diva recently gave an interview in which he said about the threats from the ex-spouse.

As Maria Maksakova argues that she receives from Turina message ambiguous nature: “Time is so short”, “Not satanei, know, live!” The actress was very surprised by such a text.

“How is it interpreted? Is it a threat?” perplexed star.
Мария Максакова получает угрозы от бывшего мужа

During the conversation with reporters, the singer admitted that he had lost the support of loved ones. Some time ago Maria lost her father Peter Igenbergs. German businessman died at the age of 80 years in the suburbs.

“I am in my life this year has lost a loved one, his father, and in principle, as I thought, the father of her first child, which in theory still the man where it was possible to rely. That is, Tyurin took everything from me, any protection,” – said the singer told reporters.

Maria Maksakova hopes that those responsible for the death of her husband Denis Boronenkov will be punished. Daughter of deceased policy Catherine came to the singer to maintain it. Recently on the YouTube channel of the artist appeared in the movie, which she made with the girl. There were rumors that Catherine and Mary’s strained relationship. In November of last year in the media appeared information that allegedly Maksakova is suing the heiress Boronenkov. It later transpired that such information is untrue. In an interview Maria said that she had a conflict with Denis by Panaitova who deceived Catherine and took possession of the apartment celebrity.

His children from a previous marriage – Illya and Ludmilla – the singer has not been seen for more than a year. Maria calls herself a hostage of the situation and not hide the perturbation behavior of the ex-wife of Vladimir Turina. “He just broke everything! He had a conflict with Dennis, this conflict is all well observed: called, shouted, stalking him. Of course, he hated Denis. On, but that does not get you to anybody,” said Maksakova TSN.

Denis Boronenkov, was shot dead March 23, 2017 in the center of Kiev. Maria Maksakova heavily experienced the death of a spouse. A year after the loss of a loved one, the artist plunged into the work. Now the singer is working on a production of “Othello” in Kharkiv national Opera house, and in the future she plans to work in Opera theatres and concerts. In addition, Maksakova scheduled to participate in several festivals.