Maria Maksakova rebuffed the ex-wife of Denis Boronenkov

Мария Максакова дала отпор бывшей жене Дениса Вороненкова The singer was troubled by the behavior of the ex-wife of the deceased Deputy of the state Duma. Maria Maksakova believes that Julia Boronenkov, who tried to write a political figure out of the apartment shortly before his death, demonstrates its commercialism.
Мария Максакова дала отпор бывшей жене Дениса Вороненкова

Yesterday it turned out that the ex-wife of the murdered former Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Boronenkov Julia had intended to write him out of the apartment on Tverskaya street in Moscow two days before death. Now, however, it is understandably irrelevant, why the woman withdrew the claim, and the Tver court has stopped manufacture on business. In addition, it was reported that the widow of the deceased politician, Maria Maksakova won’t be able to claim the inheritance of her husband.

Mary Maksakova left without a fabulous legacy of her husband

Journalists contacted a famous singer to comment on the situation. Maria Maksakova does not hide their outrage at the behavior of Yulia Vorontcovo. According to the artist, the one before my husband repaired all sorts of obstacles, stubbornly not giving the divorce, and now demonstrates its commercialism.

“Denis with his ex-wife was an agreement on the division of property… And these agreements then it is hard to ignore. By hook or by crook. That is because of her, Dennis was in somewhat straitened circumstances lately. And so would he, maybe, would have hired another guard and we would live differently, and maybe he even was alive still. If not for her behavior,” said Maksakova.
Мария Максакова дала отпор бывшей жене Дениса Вороненкова

The singer also said that everything earned during marriage, falls in the hereditary mass, which is then divided up into shares. Children of Denis Boronenkov, like Julia herself, can obtain part of its property and assets.

Maria believes that everyone should be equal, so her one year old son also has the right to claim belonging to the father. “I’m going to do it or not is my business,” added the star.

Assessment Maria Maksakova, Julia Boronenkov amassed property in that period, when married with the deceased, ex-Deputy of the state Duma. Marriage, says the singer, and was a “major investment” and “the main source of income,” the ex-wife of a politician. In this regard, a celebrity does not exclude the possibility that Julia may be left without an inheritance of the deceased ex-lover.

“She just need to explain that we she can to take it all, as she is now trying to do what they wanted to do was to write him out of the apartment – now it is simply impossible. Just no words!” – said the singer.

According to Maria Maksakova, they voronenkova by Denis discussed the behavior of his ex-wife. The man was a shame to encounter a similar attitude to themselves after 18 years of marriage, the singer told “Moskovsky Komsomolets.”