Maria Maksakova missed my daughter’s party

Мария Максакова пропустила праздник дочери Little Ludmila celebrated her birthday with family and friends. A touching photo of the birthday girl shared the niece of Opera singer Anna Maria Maksakova. The girl loves an adorable baby.

      Мария Максакова пропустила праздник дочери

      Since the tragic death of the former Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Boronenkov has been more than two weeks. His widow, the Opera diva Maria Maksakova, remains in Kiev. In the interview, the woman said that it intends to fulfill the duty to the dead spouse and have a Wake. Maria is not going to leave until, until you feel internally that the loved one is her “let go”. While the singer and her little son Ivan are in the territory of Ukraine, her older children are in Russia along with other relatives.

      Maria Maksakova intends to protect the honor of the deceased husband

      Recently charming daughter of singer Ludmila celebrated her birthday in a narrow circle of close friends, among whom was Marina Yudashkin, and also Ekaterina Dobrynina with daughter Anna Maksakova. The celebration took place in one of capital restaurants.

      “My darling little Princess, you are such a grown-up now, be happy! We all love you very much! I’m always there,” shared in social networks, the niece of Opera singer Anna Maria Maksakova.
      Мария Максакова пропустила праздник дочери

      My congratulations to the adorable child also left the wife of the famous couturier Valentin Yudashkin Marina. “On the birthday of Lucy Maksakova. Our dear girl, congratulations! Be happy and loved!” – this post was made by a woman in his microblog. In addition, it issued a joint photo with Catherine Dobrynin.

      It is not known whether at the feast of the mother of Maria Maksakova, Lyudmila. According to close friends, she’s sorry about my harsh words concerning the deceased son-in-law, which were disseminated by journalists. “I wasn’t trying to go out with her, but know her family she called, to no avail – apparently she changed her number. And those who have a new, Masha did not talk – said she needed to think, to understand… We’re worried about her whole family. Sitting and, as all know about her news from the media,” added Marina Yudashkin during the conversation with the correspondent of “StarHit”.

      “Promise me I’ll die in your arms” — Maria Maksakova for the first time about the deceased husband

      Earlier the sources close to Maria Maksakova told reporters that about her kids, her and Elijah, care of their father Vladimir Tyurin. According to friends of the family, the former civil husband of the singer – a good parent who is doing everything to his heirs in no way needed. Earlier Vladimir took Elijah from the Suvorov military school to the boy hounded amid the scandal that erupted after the departure of the mother.