Maria Maksakova is suing relatives of Denis Boronenkov

Мария Максакова судится с родственниками Дениса Вороненкова According to media reports, the singer has a claim to the eldest daughter of the deceased politician. Maria Maksakova has filed a lawsuit against Catherine Vorontcovo. The singer demands to annul a sale of the property, the prisoner girl.
Мария Максакова судится с родственниками Дениса Вороненкова

As it became known to journalists, Maria Maksakova has filed a lawsuit against the daughter of Denis Boronenkov Catherine. The claim was made that the Opera star has a dispute with a girl because of the non-residential premises in the city center. The case will be considered soon in the Presnensky court of Moscow.

According to some, Maksakova, who moved to the territory of Ukraine, power of attorney issued to Catherine. Vorontcovo instructed to sell non-residential premises, located on the Presnenskaya embankment, former head of the Odintsovo investigatory Department SK across the Moscow region Denis Panaiotova. The property was estimated at 120 million rubles.

The transaction took place, but Panayotov acquired the premises for a much smaller amount. According to the information of the correspondents, Catherine received only 38 million rubles on hand. Money at the expense of an Opera singer and not received. Moreover, Maksakova thought that a girl could cheat, as it supposedly dependent on prohibited substances. So the artist is going to recognize the agreement of Catherine with the buyer invalid. To do this, Mary went to court.

Мария Максакова судится с родственниками Дениса Вороненкова

Note that Maria Maksakova recently participated in the “Viennese ball” in Kiev. The singer appeared at the event in a long dress sewn for her by couturier Valentin Yudashkin. The actress made a splash at a social evening. Speaking to reporters, Maksakova shared his attitude to the recent TV show featuring alleged mistress Denis Boronenkov 19 – year-old Alexandra Avramenko. The singer has made it clear that it is not taken seriously the statements of the girl.

Earlier, the singer has repeatedly talked about the emotions she felt for the deceased husband. At the same time, Mary is openly outraged by the behavior of the former wife’s policy. According to the artist, Julia Boronenkov constantly pressured to pity, refusing to sign the papers on the division of jointly acquired property. The singer believes that Denis had provided the woman with all the necessary, while she did not even thanked him.

In the first marriage Denis Boronenkov had three children – Catherine, Nicholas and Xenia. Now Maria Maksakova is suing the eldest heir of the deceased husband. As the Respondent had been a third party involved – the Office rosreestra Moscow, quoted by the “Moskovsky Komsomolets” a press-the Secretary of Presnensky district court.