Maria Maksakova intends to protect the honor of the deceased husband

Мария Максакова намерена защищать честь погибшего мужа The singer is not going to give up. Woman buried spouse last weekend, continues to make the proceedings in absentia about it fraud, which was revealed to the Russian investigative authorities.

      Мария Максакова намерена защищать честь погибшего мужа

      Opera singer Maria Maksakova is trying not to give up. Despite the fact that last week a woman lost her husband, she continues to defend its interests. Ex-Deputy of the state Duma Denis Voronenkov was killed in the center of Kiev on March 23. Maria does not know how it to live further. According to the artist, she was happy to meet Boronenkov, and rejoiced when he realized that he truly loves her children. “Promise me I’ll die in your arms” — Maria Maksakova for the first time about the deceased husband

      Maksakova is in the Ukraine, where she plans to arrange a performance in memory of Denis. How wrote the local media, the star was thinking to go on stage in a wedding dress. However, a few hours ago Maria announced postponement of the event. “Friends, the concert, scheduled for 31 March, has been postponed. I will sing in memory of my beloved husband the other day,” said the singer on the social network page.

      Meanwhile, on Wednesday the Moscow city court upheld the arrest in absentia Boronenkov, as Ukraine has not provided official information about his death. Yet it is unclear whether this case is terminated due to death or the accused will be sentenced.

      “Maria Maksakova intends to go to the end. I can’t say because the case can be closed for lack of evidence. If this does not happen, as far as I know, she intends to seek trial in absentia”, – said the lawyer Andrei Grivtsov.

      Previously, the IC of Russia said that Voronenkov was involved in the Scam with raider capture of the building of TOMA, OOO in Moscow. Fraudsters have shifted from the post of the founder of the company and appointed his own man. According to the investigation, eks-the Deputy has funded the entire scheme, and also gave instructions to the partners. “Voronenkov also organized the cash received by criminal way of funds and distributed them among themselves and other partners”, – added in the organs.

      The story will be continued. Some experts have put forward the version that the case against Boronenkov could rehabilitate. Mary answered the lawyer, who was quoted

      “Do not avenge yourselves, beloved, but give place to God’s wrath. For it is written, “vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” When I said that I would not push versions – it is, because I studied the Bible for 14 years. And if there is a wish to collect on his head the coals of the burning Wrath of the Lord is their choice. But I will not allow you to tarnish the fair name of Denis. He is innocent. No its participation in this dirty case,” wrote Maria Maksakova.

      According to some, a former member of the Communist party fled to Ukraine, hiding from criminal prosecution in Russia. Maria Maksakova claimed that her husband just wanted to be closer to their roots: many of his relatives were born in this country. “He was a Ukrainian, a Ukrainian, died and he was buried in Kiev”, – said the singer in an interview after the death of her husband. Maria Maksakova broke the silence after her husband’s death