Мария Максакова помирилась с матерью после крупной ссоры Opera diva gave an interview to Andrey Malakhov, in which he told about his life after the sudden death of her husband, former Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Boronenkov. During the conversation with the journalist Maria Maksakova also told about the relations with close people.
Мария Максакова помирилась с матерью после крупной ссоры

In the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” Maria Maksakova decided to have a Frank conversation with a famous master. The TV reporter went to visit the Opera diva, which is now in Ukraine. Conversing with Andrey Malakhov, the singer recalled the story of meeting with Denis by Voronenkova, who was shot in the spring in the center of Kiev.

According to Andrey Malakhov, Opera diva called him on Friday, immediately after the TV showed a program dedicated to Boris Korchevnikov. “And you can come visit me in Kiev? I want to tell you all about love,” gave the leading words of the famous singer. The journalist accepted the offer of the actress and traveled to the capital of Ukraine. Maria Maksakova met Andrey Malakhov with bacon and vodka.

“In what moment you decided to get a haircut?” – with these words began a dialogue leading. “Not to flirt, I have half the hair after the incident just fell off. Apparently, the solution for me has taken my nervous system,” replied diva, adding that she could not eat more than two weeks. Because of this diet, which is not wish and enemy, Maksakova lost a lot of weight.

Мария Максакова помирилась с матерью после крупной ссоры

The first meeting of Mary with her future husband took place in the State Duma. In recognition of the artist, Boronenkov never faltered, began to feel her feelings. Then the singer, along with fellow deputies went to Japan for the festival of Russian culture. “Once it so happened that… And he made a comment to me. He said: “Mary, your brother got in a difficult situation, he is in jail, and I don’t see what you’re trying to help him.” I told him: “Look, my brother is not right,” said Maksakova. According to Mary, her relative was astonished at the similarity of the sisters and politics. Soon the singer was closer to Voronenkova who had tried to help her loved one.

The conversation went on children. The singer admitted that when her son studied at the Suvorov military school, she was regularly in touch with him. But life has made adjustments, and the teenager was taken away from school. “I was so excited – he called me 15-20 minutes, I knew the details of his life,” recalls the actress. July 23, the boy had a birthday he turned 13 years old. The performer called the kid to congratulate him on the occasion.

During the conversation with host Maria Maksakova also said that she reconciled with her mother Lyudmila. More recently, the actress was upset with the mother because of her harsh remarks about Denis Boronenkov.

“We made up… She lied. I couldn’t understand why she is not protected. I thought that in this way she indirectly confirms his guilt. It turned out that she just does not want to communicate with this category of people. She did not say the phrase… I am sorry that that phrase proved fatal. I was very upset with her, but she told me step by step how I spent that terrible day. She wrote to me, then I called her,” – shared the actress.

In addition, the singer told about her daughter Lyudmila. “Her story is still worse. When I left, or rather, was on the Lam from their father, I realized that I need a lot of work. I had a woman I really trust, Zoe Epifanova. All my life she was near me. (…) It so happened that our Zoe parted ways, and Lucy went for Zoe… Lucy called me a couple of times after what happened”, – shared the singer.

At the same time, Maria Maksakova serious disagreements with the father of her senior heirs of Vladimir Tyurin. “He took advantage of my situation and actually took away children,” says the singer. The beginning of their relationship with the male star believes a fatal mistake. “He was a man absolutely shadow, and caught me smartly in turn. It took him four months to isolate me from friends and girlfriends. And then I got pregnant, that’s all,” said the singer.

Мария Максакова помирилась с матерью после крупной ссоры

Andrey Malakhov asked the actress if she knows about the disease Dmitri Hvorostovsky, with whom the singer previously had jobs. “Well, of course… we used to communicate. Periodically sang in some concerts. I wish Dima willpower, because he’s doing, it’s working. Of course, it is very difficult… Generally, he’s a human holiday,” – said Maksakova.

Marriage with Denis by Voronenkova Maria Maksakova says with a smile. Andrey Malakhov was asked how the star made an offer. “I went to India in Goa. He thought about it and decided to come meet me. Asks: “Tell me, what would happen if I offered to marry?” I told him: “do Not go, and run,” recalled the artist. As a result, the ceremony took place on March 27 – the day theatre.

Immediately after the marriage ceremony, the actress lost twins. But fate gave Maria Maksakova and Denis Voronenkov another chance to become parents. Policies doted on the girl. “He wore me on his hands, I was to a degree happy woman. Yes, it is difficult to accept the fact that happiness was, and now he’s gone… But it was!” – says the singer.

“My life was ready to forgive everything – beauty, talent… All except the happiness. Regardless of how sad and tragically ended our love, it was a great mutual love. (…) As long as I live I’ll love him. What made those who did it?” – said the singer.
Мария Максакова помирилась с матерью после крупной ссоры

The singer says that wouldn’t change anything in my life, except one thing. Remembering the tragic event, Maria Maksakova was unable to restrain his emotions.

“Only in the morning, your day would go with him. Then I slept and stayed home, so did not go with him. I had to go with him. If I hadn’t killed him first, would have killed two… of Course, I was hoping that he is alive. Even so… I would have left him out,” said the singer.
Мария Максакова помирилась с матерью после крупной ссоры

Then the singer offered the services of a doctor and a psychiatrist. “I said I don’t need anything, and I don’t drink any pills,” said Maria. Now she is doing everything possible to continue to live and raise General Denis son.

In recognition Maksakova, it does not delete SMS from the deceased spouse. In the last message Boronenkov shared her emotions from the interview. “Glavred excited, said that is read in one breath”, – quotes the message of Mary husband. After the former Deputy of the state Duma sent a message he left to live only about a minute. Then came the fatal shot that claimed the life of men.

After the commercial break Andrey Malakhov has informed that the stream goes live, so editors have the opportunity to follow the comments of Internet users. “Dear audience, why so much anger?” – asked the moderator and encouraged to listen to the story of Maria Maksakova to the end. When the journalist was in Kiev, the actress sang him a love song.

Мария Максакова помирилась с матерью после крупной ссоры

According to Maria Maksakova and her husband spent the previous seven about $ 30 million. Apparently, the debate about the legacy of Denis Boronenkov continue. The singer said that Julia is reluctant to make any concessions. “With her, he could not agree, she wouldn’t give him nothing,” says the artist.

Andrey Malakhov asked the singer if she Denis Boronenkov. “Every night. With me living a normal life, give their advice,” replied the diva.

Then the artist showed Andrei Malakhov apartment. “And you were with Denis traditions?” – asked the presenter. “You know, we lived with him in the sandbox… As two children. We were so close relationship that we never for a second. (…) To me it was never enough. He told me: “Mary, I love you a lot more. You’ll see.” (…) Of course, I cherished every second of it, thanked God for what he is,” – said the singer.

In the final interview with a leading Opera diva turned to her. Andrey Malakhov expressed the hope that Maria Maksakova will be able to regain their happiness.

“I to you very sincerely, thank you very much. I pray that he, as a person who loved you, he’ll do anything to make you happy, and your life was the man who made it so you were smiling,” said lead singer.