Мария Максакова доказала верность Денису Вороненкову The singer turned to her husband, who died a year ago. Maria Maksakova has promised Denis Voronenkov to care for the overall son, van, and called the former Deputy of the “one and only husband”. Thus, the actress has denied the rumors of romance, which she attributed after the loss of a loved one.
Мария Максакова доказала верность Денису Вороненкову

23 Mar 2017 husband of Maria Maksakova Denis Boronenkov shot in the center of Kiev. Since the murder of the former Deputy of the state Duma a year has passed. Widow policy has gradually returned to work – recently she made her debut on the stage of Kharkiv Opera and ballet named after Lysenko. In the play “Othello” Maksakova has performed the role of Desdemona.

A few days later, the singer has posted a new edition of their vloga dedicated Voronenkov. The video was filmed even before the premiere of the Opera in Kharkov. In the comments to the video Maksakova expressed condolences to the families of those killed in the fire in Kemerovo. Speaking about the tragic anniversary, the actress did not hide the fact that hard have experienced the loss of a single spouse. After the murder Boronenkov Maksakova attributed Hobbies other men, but the diva made it clear that they are not true. Maria publicly appealed to her husband to give him the memory.

“My dear and beloved, one and only husband, my Dinochka. Here I have lived, I procuracies this year. Yesterday was the anniversary of you there with me. Today is my debut at the Kharkiv Opera, I think you can see for yourself, – said the artist. – I think you’d be happy with me and proud of what I did and did not retreat one iota from what we believe. Of course, during this time, I played thousands of variants of how it would be possible to make one and where you had to be careful… I even thought sometimes that it is better not to be born than to experience such grief that I have experienced.”

Maksakova and Boronenkov registered relationship in March 2015. The singer is grateful to her husband for the time that they spent together. Maria promised late husband to care for the overall son, van. In April he will be two years.

“Console myself with the fact that I had 2.5 years of unlimited happiness with you, – addressed to Maria Maksakova Voronenkov. – Perhaps this is something to be born on this Earth. So once again thank you for everything, I promise to bring Vanya as you like. With the new courage I will be engaged in their direct business, try to sing well and to live so that you were pleased with me.”

Earlier, the singer participated in the filming of “Andrei Malakhov. Live” TV channel “Russia 1”. This episode is dedicated to the anniversary of the murder of Denis Boronenkov. Maksakova made contact with the Studio from Kharkov. Commenting on rumors about possible novels, Maria said that at this point in time not thinking about his personal life. The artist even attributed the relationship with the Director of the Kharkiv national Opera and ballet theatre, but she denied this information. “In no way noticed in respect of itself of no interest,” said Maksakova. Daughter of Denis Boronenkov revealed the truth about the conflict with Maria Maksakova