Мария Максакова устроила мастер-класс для младшего сына The singer took the child on tour. Little Vanya went with mom to the factory that produces Christmas decorations. Maria Maksakova showed how they were taught to paint Christmas balls.
Мария Максакова устроила мастер-класс для младшего сына

Maria Maksakova started a video blog. In short the issues she talks about life in Kyiv and shows subscribers interesting places. According to the artist, she decided to dedicate a new video preparing for the New year. In the first part of the video, the star had fun at the party organized by the Ministry of culture of Ukraine in one of the restaurants.

In the second half vloga Maksakova visited the factory of Christmas toys. The company the actress made her son Vanya. The boy, accompanied by a nanny and mom went to a master class on painting Christmas toys. However, in the creative process the child chose not to participate. Mary herself was passionate about and portrayed on the glass bulb of the dog.

Besides Maksakova showed how toys are made. At the first stage on their form works glassblower, and then the details are sent to another shop where they paint.

At the end of the visit to the factory gave Maria some Christmas decorations. Maksakova also visited with her son a special room, where you have to make a wish. However, she chose not to tell you that I asked Santa Claus. Judging by the mood of the movie, Mary is happy, soon it will be 2018. “Do we have experienced this year?” – the singer says.

Maksakova explained to subscribers why she created a blog. “That the power is in the truth, heard it all. Unfortunately, many believe that it’s just a “figure of speech”. My dream is to prove the opposite and open up a videoblog. “Crooked mirrors” propaganda must be destroyed. Want to know the truth about the “Queen of Yandex-2017″? The most reliable source – myself,” said the star on the page in a social network.

We will remind that in March the husband of Mary Denis Voronenkov was shot in the center of Kiev. According to some, he was declared the Federal wanted list in Russia is, therefore, preferred to flee abroad. Maria could not accept the loss of her husband. However, after all the events she clearly realized that he did not want to return home. Maksakova scared of the fans statements. “In principle, if I could be there instead, I wouldn’t think so. Life without him is worse,” – said the actress after the murder of a spouse.