Мария Максакова нашла еще одну работу The artist will perform on stage of National Opera of Ukraine. Maria Maksakova was a guest star in the play Semyon Gulak-artemowski “Cossack beyond the Danube”.

Maria Maksakova continues to conquer the stage of Ukrainian theaters. Recently, her benefit performance at Kharkov Opera theatre, where she danced the role of Desdemona. Her character from the Opera by Giuseppe Verdi, staged on the works of William Shakespeare, was trying to convince Othello to explain that she is not to blame for what is happening. Now Maksakova will be a guest artist with the National Opera of Ukraine. April 15 she will take part in the play Semyon Gulak-artemowski “Cossack beyond the Danube”. The star will play the role of Oksana. Partners Opera steel Bohdan Taras, Igor Mokrenko, Maria Berezovskaya, Ruslan tansky.

Recall that more than a year Maria Maksakova lives in Ukraine. The artist successfully performed at local theaters and also engaged in the development of his video blog. Despite all the trials, the actress retains the power of the spirit. To return to Russia, she is not going to. “I have regrets, I have a Denis was a very happy life, and then all a bit much! Recently my father passed away, but I try not to succumb to grief,” said Maria.

Recently Maksakova started to communicate with the first Boronenkov wife Svetlana and his daughter Kate. They help the singer with the education of little Vanya. Maria admits that is still not resigned to the loss. “My dear and beloved, one and only husband, my Dinochka. Here I have lived, I procuracies this year. I think you’d be happy with me and proud of what I did and did not retreat one iota from what we believe. Of course, during this time, I played thousands of variants of how it would be possible to make one and where you had to be careful… I even thought sometimes that it is better not to be born than to experience such grief that I have experienced,” – said the artist edition of vloga who devoted spouse.

Maksakova almost no contact with family members remaining in Russia. The relationship with the mother star is trying to spread. “I’m absolutely still, was or was not, my mother said those awful words or did not say. But I know that despite what happened, she continues to communicate with the father of my first child, and that is unacceptable to me,” admitted Maria in conversation with Andrey Malakhov.