Maria Maksakova does not communicate with his father after a stroke

Мария Максакова не общается с отцом после инсульта According to the information of journalists, the parent Opera diva was completely paralyzed. Maria Maksakova now lives in Ukraine and is not going to return to Russia even for dad, who now need constant care.
Мария Максакова не общается с отцом после инсульта

Opera diva Maria Maksakova moved to Kiev after her lover’s ex-Deputy and businessman Denis by Voronenkova. 23 March 2017, a man was killed in the streets of the Ukrainian capital. The mother of the singer Lyudmila Maksakova spoke sharply about the death of a son-in-law, noting that the Council of the incident.

After that, communication with a relative of Mary came to naught. Earlier, a young woman noted that calls up with his father Peter Andreas Igenbergs and tries to do it as often as possible. With mother, an Opera diva and refuses to maintain at least some contact.

Recently there was news that the Pope Maksakova broke a stroke. Because of illness he was completely paralyzed. However, according to media reports, Maria doesn’t hurry to visit a relative. Star Rasco repeatedly spoke about the political situation in Russia, and therefore do not wish to return home.

Мария Максакова не общается с отцом после инсульта

While Maksakova has not commented on the sad news. Fans of the star believe that she’s just not aware of the incident, and therefore does not communicate with his family. Mother Opera singer Lyudmila Vasilyevna also refuses to discuss the health of the spouse.

Recall that Mary is the only daughter Lyudmila Maksakova and Peter Igenbergs. The couple officially legalized their relationship in 1974, and in 1977 they had a child.

The father of the Opera star has German, Czech and Latvian roots. Igenbergs, he received the degree of doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences, but in the last few years he was actively engaged in business.

Earlier, the actor Stas Sadalsky, who has long been friends with Lyudmila Maksakova, talked about the close relationship between Mary and her father. According to men, the diva has always been a “daddy’s girl”. In the program “Let them talk” from may 15, 2017, the artist encouraged the young woman to begin to communicate with parents.

“I’m a friend of your mother, and not Mary. Masha is a master cook porridge. It is well-cooked porridge in the Duma, now Mary cooks porridge in Kiev. You know, at the time, television was a movie “Dima, call mom”. I want Mary to simply say: “Call mom”. It’s all I ask” – said Sadalsky on a talk show.

Then Maksakova sharply reacted to the advice of the actor. She stressed that she loves mother, but not ready for reconciliation. Maria now actively distributes interview, in which talks about the last days of the life of his wife, steadfastly avoiding the subject of returning to Russia.

According to 77-year-old Peter Igenbergs is now at a dacha outside Moscow. It was there he had a stroke. A man cares for his domestic helper, who has long cooperated with the star family.