Maria Maksakova disgruntled ex-wife of Denis Boronenkov

Мария Максакова недовольна бывшей женой Дениса Вороненкова
Recently there was news that the ex-wife of the deceased Denis Boronenkov Julia 2 days before his death he wanted to discharge him from the world.

Мария Максакова недовольна бывшей женой Дениса Вороненкова

But after the death of the former Deputy Julia took his statement.

It has now turned out that the wife Boronenkov Maria Maksakova has no right to claim his inheritance.

Maksakova outraged by such behavior and tells Julia that she had to conspire to the former spouse.

“Denis with his ex-wife was an agreement on the division of property… And these agreements then it is hard to ignore. By hook or by crook. That is because of her, Dennis was in somewhat straitened circumstances lately. And so would he, maybe, would have hired another guard and we would live differently, and maybe he even was alive still. If not for her behavior,” said Opera singer.

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