Maria Maksakova became a new family

Мария Максакова обрела новую семью The singer is trying to achieve justice. Maria Maksakova has established a relationship with the first wife of Denis Boronenkov. About Svetlana Makeyenko was very little known, as the Deputy hid the marriage.
Мария Максакова обрела новую семью

Maria Maksakova established relations with the first wife of Denis Boronenkov. It is known that in 17 years, the native of Belarus Svetlana Makeyenko married a future entrepreneur. Then they even had to get permission for the marriage, as she was a minor. “It was first love, crazy, youthful,” shared the woman memories

She recently came to Kyiv with her daughter Catherine. Many years about Makeyenko was unknown. The fact is that when you move to Moscow politician has decided to hide early marriage. He lived with Svetlana 10 years and then they divorced due to his infidelity. Daughter, he continued and even helped her go to College. “Kept in the course of his life,” shared Catherine.

For the first time Maksakova and Makeenko met at the funeral Boronenkov. “She lost her husband, and I’m the father of her child,” – said Svetlana.

Мария Максакова обрела новую семью

Now both women have to decide why the property of the deceased Boronenkov, which was estimated at $ 17 million, went to his second wife and children, who are not even accompanied him on his last journey. Maria seeks a court order all divided between the children of her husband. In particular, 2-year-old John and 26-year-old Catherine from his first marriage are his heirs. The singer condemns the behavior of the second wife Boronenkov.

“It does not recognize the inheritance for the other children, parity, even out of the question. Decided that it was possible to cry that way – with the help of a multimillion-dollar property. She betrayed him,” – said Maksakova.

Maria calls her Catherine and her family. She became less afraid of threats, which were previously described. “I so much easier when I know that Vanya is with the people that he is not only insurance for the worst and the native people”, – said Maksakova.

According to TSN, Catherine moved to Kiev and helps Opera star with the baby. Svetlana and Maria are thinking about how to get the girl married to a decent citizen of Ukraine.

“I said girl, the three of us, everything will be fine. Together we all will win, all will pass” – said Makeyenko in an interview with reporters.