Maria Maksakova and I talked about a difficult childhood

Мария Максакова заговорила о сложном детстве
About the conflict mothers and daughters, Ludmila and Maria Maksakova became known in March of this year.

Мария Максакова заговорила о сложном детстве

Later it was reported that relationships between women were always complicated.

Мария Максакова заговорила о сложном детстве

Maria admitted that to eleven years almost did not see the mother, but at this age she began living with her.

“I began to use makeup, mom was irritated, – has told the diva. Once I was dressed she took the dirty sponge, washing-up liquid, foul-smelling, and she tried to wash off. I endured this humiliation, but I remember about it until now. I realized that this woman I have to continue to communicate as she would with me or applied. But in the incomplete eighteen years I closed the door of this house and try not to remember”.

It should be noted that the daughter Mary was named after her mother.

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