Maria Maksakova and Denis Voronenkov was planning a second child

Мария Максакова и Денис Вороненков планировали второго ребенка The singer answered questions of journalists. In the course of communication with media representatives Maria Maksakova submitted a support Fund for talented children, which she created in memory of the deceased husband. In addition, the actress admitted that she and her husband wanted to be parents again.
Мария Максакова и Денис Вороненков планировали второго ребенка

Opera diva Maria Maksakova gave a press conference during which he answered the journalists ‘ questions and shared plans. Talking to reporters, ispolnitelnitsa announced his intention to open the Fund for support of children from five to eighteen years of age, differing abilities to music. According to Mary, working on the development of the project is now in full swing.

As noted by the singer, she was engaged in assisting children before, so has a lot of experience in this kind of activity. According to Mary, the representatives of the Foundation will travel across the territory of Ukraine, to listen to other artists.

“I really have a lot of experience in such work. Before I will definitely did it first for the sake of Astrakhan children, then for children from all over Russia. Of course, where I gained vast experience, which “the son of errors difficult”. (…) I understand that to date, such work can bring a lot of benefits. If the parents of these talented children made a mistake, the children are not to blame. Our Foundation is a humanitarian mission,” shared the actress.
Мария Максакова и Денис Вороненков планировали второго ребенка

Speaking about the initiative, singer also spoke about the General plans with the deceased, a former state Duma Deputy Denis by Voronenkova. At the end of March in mass-media there were rumors that Maria Maksakova allegedly expecting her second child from a political figure. The artist herself for a long time did not comment on such speculation. However, during a conversation with journalists, the singer has made it clear that they are indeed thinking about a second child. But that desire never materialized.

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“Dennis had planned (…) having another baby. Probably at my age it sounds a bit frivolous, but nonetheless. Once we got it. (…) Now I have a new baby and I really want to use all their skills, knowledge and experience,” shared Maria Maksakova, speaking of the Fund.

One of the journalists asked the singer about the principles of selection of talented children and budget initiatives. “At the initial stage, funds are not that big. They will need it when we go on concerts, on the rent. But this thing of the future. Regarding the mechanism, it is my notion, which I did, and it’s very successful. If I tell, then someone will want to repeat,” said Maria, adding that it will reveal details of the project after about a month and a half.

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During the meeting with the media the actress also reported on the status of guard Denis Boronenkov, who was wounded during the attack on the man. “Thank God he’s on the mend. It is a very long time was in the hospital. At the moment it is much better,” said the artist.