Мария Максакова опять попробует доказать свою невиновность Singer get used to the new role. In the Kharkov theatre of the premiere Verdi’s Otello. Verdi. In the role of Desdemona appears Maria Maksakova. She had to exert much effort to translate all the emotions of her character.

Maria Maksakova continues to please the Ukrainian public with the new reincarnations. At the end of March at the Kharkov national academic theater of Opera and ballet. N. Lysenko, the actress will appear in the role of Desdemona. The heroine of Giuseppe Verdi’s Opera based on the work of William Shakespeare is trying to persuade Othello to explain to him that she was not to blame for what is happening. On the page in social networks Maria showed fans shots, where with the help of stylists and makeup artists it turned into a famous character of the play.

“There are roles where a valid different interpretations, particularly interpretation. Here, in the notes all so musically and dramatically exactly that for experiments there is no reason. For me to decide only one thing: at what point Desdemona realized that is doomed. Before that, she tried to convince Othello to prove to him his true innocence. And the line the role of leads from a huge love of despair, when it is impossible either to escape or to mitigate the jealousy of Othello, nor to reason with him. She fights as you can fight pure nature, will not stain himself with the intrigues and excessive excuses. She just begs her to believe…” said Maria.

By the way, offstage Mary had to become a fighter for the truth. She was trying to prove that her late husband was not guilty of the crimes attributed to him. Maksakova also justified why not communicate with older children.

Maria Maksakova spoke about the situation of child abandonment and his father’s funeral

“When Denis left for the Ukraine, he (Vladimir Tyurin) by force took away the son of Ilia from the Suvorov military school. Though the son liked to study there. He (Turin) took Elijah prior to the murder of Dennis. Quite possibly, he was already planning the elimination of my husband. Took the child from the school, and then, arguing that there are two polovni to go to the detention center, I have begged me to write that I agree with the fact that the children live temporarily with his father. Allegedly children he can take, he will sit in jail, and the children will be given guardians. I never gave up parental rights to their children! All of these statements journalists – sheer nonsense. It was a document about the determination of residence of children. I wrote that you don’t mind that the children will temporarily live with his father. Moreover, I signed the paper unilaterally. My signature certified by a notary,” – said Maria.