Maria Maksakova accuses ex-husband that he has ruined the fate of their son

Мария Максакова обвиняет бывшего мужа в том, что он разрушил судьбу их сына Opera singer told Ukrainian reporters that he plans to take Elijah in Ukraine. Maria Maksakova does not want Vladimir Tyurin is involved in the education of her children. In her opinion, in a short time it can deprive of the parental rights.
Мария Максакова обвиняет бывшего мужа в том, что он разрушил судьбу их сына

Maria Maksakova wants to take the eldest son, 14-year-old Ilya, the former civil husband Vladimir Tyurin. She had a very strained relationship with her ex-husband. She believes that he ruined the boy’s life, taking him from military school. The singer revealed that he believes two children from a previous Union of the hostage tragedy that happened to her and Denis by Voronenkova. Soon the artist expects to pick up Ilya and Lyudmila in Ukraine.

Maria Maksakova dissatisfied with the education of older children

“I think he’s old enough and smart boy. If he was willing to move in with me, I don’t think there are ways to stop him. If he wants to, of course, I always waiting – he’s my child, I love him and miss him. But I myself in this case do nothing to try can’t. In addition, today my priority is my youngest son Ivan. And I have to think first about him,” shared Maria’s plans for the Ukrainian edition.
Мария Максакова обвиняет бывшего мужа в том, что он разрушил судьбу их сына

According to Maksakova, she’s not interested in the life of the former spouse of Turin. The woman believes that after certain procedural procedures, the former husband will lose the right to raise a son and a daughter.

“Therefore, sooner or later children will return to me. I just know that at the moment I have no way to come and pick them up. But as soon as they Express such a desire, and I have this opportunity to appear, of course, I’ll take them. In October of this year the Prosecutor General’s office has named the customer of murder Boronenkov Vladimir Tyurin. And that’s almost stopped,” – said Maria.

“Ilya is a hostage situation. Initially, he wanted to stay here and not to leave Ukraine. Just Denis believed that his well-established study in Suvorov military school. And that is necessary to the end of the year at least to finish my studies and then with the documentation of completion of two years go here, in Kyiv. Over the summer, to pull Ukrainian. Such were the plans”, – said the singer.

The singer told Ukrainian journalists that Tyurin was stalking her and didn’t want to leave. According to Maria, her ex-husband has also ruined the life of the eldest son of Elijah, taking him from the Suvorov military school.

Мария Максакова обвиняет бывшего мужа в том, что он разрушил судьбу их сына“Ilya Denis gave the Suvorov military school, where his bastard, his own father, long since took. He is now studying at the Moscow school of Economics. It was utter nonsense. A decision that ruined his life. Suvorov was a completely different approach, level of knowledge of Elijah so much better, he lost weight by 12 kg, became to catch up…It was a different person. It was the best in his life – these 1.5 years. So I really hope that he is aware of this and take the only correct decision”, – said Maksakova.
Мария Максакова обвиняет бывшего мужа в том, что он разрушил судьбу их сына

According to Mary, she became the Deputy of the State Duma, just to save yourself from annoying ex-husband. The status of civil servant decided to women a lot of problems.

The actress admitted that raising son Ivan helps her nanny. Besides, the woman supports the singer in all endeavors. Mary plans to give the younger heir to the Kiev military Lyceum named Ivan Bohun, as he wanted the deceased spouse.

Some time ago Maksakova was a very strained relationship with her mother, Lyudmila Vasilevny. The singer revealed that they were able to resolve any misunderstandings.

“In principle, we are even pretty cute communicate. The question is how these relations of trust. That’s another topic. But the fact that my mother is an outstanding person and a talented actress, a scholar and a fan of the theater, just a beautiful woman, there is not even anything to talk about. She just always says she’s a conformist. Unlike me. So I’m sure she, like I, did not, she would have done anything, but not so”, – explained the artist.
Мария Максакова обвиняет бывшего мужа в том, что он разрушил судьбу их сына

Maria admitted that it would be rasskazyvat Ivan about the father but good. According to Maksakova, the boy will learn about the heroic glory Denis Boronenkov. “He was inveterate in the Vladimir Cathedral. Few have been so honored. Zverinetska buried in the cemetery. It is necessary to pass your way to the final was. So I will the child to tell the story this way. He understood that we all die, but not all as heroes,” said Opera singer in an interview with Ukrainian “RBC”.

The woman remembered that in the weeks after the murder of Denis Boronenkov could not eat or drink and just lay on the floor, taking a decoction of flax. According to star, her hair fell out from the experience of stress. The actress said: from depression saved her work and love to the younger son. Maria shared with Ukrainian publishing plans for the future. She is actively working on a project that will help gifted children to develop in the field of academic art.

“Our idea is that we do a portal, a kind of social network where participants will be like these talented children and their “auditorium”. Everything will be free, you will be able to address help the child, for example, give him a flute, or to help raise money. And this child will then share their results. Just a couple of weeks the premiere of this portal. It is in test mode,” said Maria.